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Full Version: Quebec & The Sixth World Almanac
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I've been working up Quebec as a setting for a Shadowrun campaign, and I'm trying to gather all the information I can on it (before I change it all wink.gif. I've been over the various wikis (including the French ones, bien sur!) and "I've" (I had help) dug up references like the Neo-Anarchist's Guide and stuff, but I"m currently torn on the Sixth World Almanac. I'm feeling poor, or I'd just buy it, but I don't want to consider making such a purchase unless it actually has significant information on Quebec? Consequently, I was hoping someone here who had already purchased the book could tell me cool.gif. Just, roughly how many pages of material (if any) and if they had updated the timeline in Quebec to 207x.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for other good sources of Quebec Sixth World info, please let me know cool.gif. Thanks all!

Quebec has the standard 2ish page overview in 6WA.

-Quebec finally signs the Business Recognition Accords
-Cross Technologies collapses
-The Alliance Métahumaine is gaining political power
-Apparently there's lots of bounties on paranimals

It's also in SoNA, somewhat more substantially.

I bought 6WA mostly to encourage the creation of other "world books". I wasn't expecting to be impressed with it, and I wasn't. The history piece at the front of the good is nice and comprehensive, but doesn't add any new info, just collating old stuff. The country summaries are a little short, and also give a lot of information about pre2062 stuff, which I find a little annoying. Also, while the country summaries hit most of the big players, they are a little uneven: the Athabaskan Council (population 2 million) is covered, while none of the three Turkish states are. There's also a few map changes that are left unexplained (apparently Israel annexed Lebanon?). If you're going to buy 6WA just for info on one country, don't.
QUOTE (Minchandre @ Sep 12 2010, 11:05 PM) *
-Apparently there's lots of bounties on paranimals

So, other than "Carefully", how do you skin a Free Spirit?
QUOTE (CanRay @ Oct 2 2010, 10:45 PM) *
So, other than "Carefully", how do you skin a Free Spirit?

Put inside an ecto-containment unit after being hit by a proton pack? cyber.gif
QUOTE (CanRay @ Oct 3 2010, 03:45 AM) *
So, other than "Carefully", how do you skin a Free Spirit?

Depends. Beast, plant or some kind of element?
Not Quebec, but it's dealing with Frenchmen.

A friend of mine asked what was going on with France in Shadowrun, so I told him, "Well, after Germany fell apart, they didn't have anyone to surrender to, so they're fine."

I am probably going to the Bad Hell. You know, the one where Rock Stars are not going...
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As a side note. Buy 6WA. It's one of the best books they've put out for the game. Period. You'll find 100 uses for it.
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