Allrighty. So, biodrones.

For reference: game information starts on page 151, Augmentation. This particular peculiarity has come up because of the Stirrup Interface, and some questions about the exact nature of that beast. It states that you can have a specialized pilot program made for a biodrone, but the biodrone functions "exactly like a regular drone."

1) This is interesting, as (strictly RAW) this allows our biodrones to accept Drone/Vehicle upgrades from Arsenal. Logically it shouldn't, but RAW it does.

2) When being operated by a pilot, does the biodrone's Reaction even matter? It would all be regulated by the Stirrup Interface's Response, wouldn't it? This is for Initiative and Defense Tests mainly.

3) If operated by a pilot program, do the biodrone's mental stats even matter? More specifically, how would spell interaction with the biodrone function? Resist with the base animal's Willpower (or the Pilot's), or would it be considered an Object Resistance Test?

4) When attacking, does Agility matter? Drones attack with Pilot + Targeting.

5) How would Perception work? That goes off of Sensor + Clearsight, and biodrones don't have a Sensor rating.

6) The sample Shiawase Sabertooth Tiger (sidebar, page 154) has its Titanium Bone Lacing apparently adding directly onto the DV of its natural attacks. Also, the listed AP of the Razorhound (page 31, Running Wild) is wrong. Are these intentional, or mistakes that were never noticed, or is there errata I've not seen?