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Full Version: Mages get it but Technomancers don't?
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Jonny Reload
I was curious, since Mages have an Metamagic to add to there Drain pools by there Initiation grade, how come Technomancers don't have any echo's that resemble it even though there similarly the exact system?

Furthermore, besides just boosting your Willpower, is there anything else that can help a Technomancer's Fading roll?
Well... since Techomancer ALREADY have a near-endless (for practical purposes) pool against fading they really don't need more. Granted... it totally rapes their karma gain and WILL never be as high as the correspondent pool of the mage it also saves them a lot. (I mean Their limiter, all dice pools AND fading resistance ALL base on resonance).
Jonny Reload
Near endless if you plan on spending a few years in a campaign spending your Karma on nothing else except Resonance... ohplease.gif
to just come out and straight up say what the other two are hinting at... technomancers resist fading with resonance (and another stat). increase resonance, and you increase their fading resistance (along with a bunch of other stuff). thusly, technomancers don't need a centering echo, because one of their fading resistance stats can be increased (at an increasing cost each time) every time they submerge.
It would be like Mages having a drain resistance test of magic+tradition stat
Instead of willpower+Tradition Stat
TMs can dump an entire stat that mages simply can't. Already in massive favor for TM in that regard (However TM stuff tend to give a little more drain so it evens out, but no need to fiddle with imba echos)
I agree. NO need for extra fade resistance for TM
I tend to agree, further mages tend to take drain a lot more then TM's take fading.

On the whole comparing a TM to a mage is laughable. One can warp reality itself, the other can hack computers with his mind. It's no contest in 90%+ of cases. The two don't have to be exactly equivalent.

Further TM's get sprite link which thank god mages don't have the equivalent.
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