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Full Version: Runs that have frightened you.
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I've been running the Renraku Arcology as a timewarp game for my players recently, and it's actually creepy enough (especially when you add terminator-esque drones that would be more common in 2070) to give me chills - and the players are a bit freaked out about the whole thing too. It doesn't take much when the walls have been known to be drones masquerading as plating, or that the toilet might try give you a quick prostate exam using a five inch serrated blade, then burrow into your chest cavity and control your husk.

Are there any adventures that have done that for you?
Not yet but I've PC'd so much less than I've GM'd.

You could ask my players if they were hear. They spend half of their lives terrified.
I sent my lot after a blood mage once.

I was rocking the cliché quite strongly on this one I'll admit but I was going for abit of horror mixed in with abit of zombie apocalypse.

The bloodmage in question had been slowly kidnapping shifters, mages, surged people well anyone he thought could be fun to torture and hurt really and ritually killing them in a now un sanctified church in the barrens. He was also using ghouls as a disposal squad / hunting party to get him what he wanted so there was a increased chance of infection too which was fun. All backed up by a very nasty background count in the church itself which made our mostly magical party start bricking themselves when suddenly things arnt going so well for them. Ended quite well though they got the bounty saved a few hostages a couple of which even survived and got a bounty (only small one as he was a starting bloodmage not a world class threat). One of the nicest bits of role play was when the drake and bearshifter were complementing the sam on wasting so many ghouls Sarah Conner style with a combat shotgun when she reminds them that they are immune and she sure as hell wasn’t so she had to go all out on it.
Years ago when I ran a group through Bug City I set things up like Invasion of the Body Snatchers to where the PCs gradually began to feel more and more isolated and paranoid. After a few run-ins with some nasty flesh-form bug spirits, some of the PCs began having really bad dreams in which they were beginning to change into... something else. Corruption of the flesh is a very primal fear and I treated that scenario very much like a plague that corrupts the mind as well as the body.
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