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Full Version: Getting a hacker PC in the group, need advice
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I'm getting a hacker PC in the group for the first time, and I'd like to know how it actually plays out. It seems that getting is very easy, but you're spotted quickly once inside.

Probing the target
This is a sure way to get an admin account anywhere, just take the time to probe? With only one roll for the target system against Stealth threshold, most likely the alarm isn't going off.

Once inside
With IC on the node, it will continually be trying to spot intruders - two Observe in Detail action per pass? It gets this test even if you have hacked an account, right?
So, eventually the hacker will be spotted. So he needs to be quick. Or get an admin account, and shut down the IC - which might make spiders suspicious and investigate?

Any other tips or pointers on what works or doesn't, what makes good stories, etc., is greatly appreciated too.

Thanks in advance smile.gif
Yes, you definitely need the time to probe any system that has moderate or better defenses (so pretty much any system).

Hacking on the fly is only for really quick hacks of small systems, where you do not linger long. Or, well, when you simply do not have the time.

When hacking on the fly, you pretty much automatically raise an alarm.

One tip... unless hacking that specific system should be really important for the run, you can always quicken things a bit by just making a series of regular skill rolls, instead of getting into detail with every action.

Another tip... don't overdo it with system defense. Not everyone should have 6 Ratings everywhere, just because it is reasonably affordable. Use average Ratings for average systems, and so on.

Well... in the book it is stated that the GM has complete control over the "analyze timer" and the probing of IC. You can always assume that the nexus has better things to do than deepscanning itself for intruders. Just like you don't do in-depth virus/malware/resource scan all the time. It just takes too much resources.

But in essence, yes: he will be found, except when the difference between his stealth and the analyze is just TOO great. (For example if you are in a high-traffic, low-security, low power nexus (2 Analyze, 2 firewall)with a stealth+hacking of 16. nothing will get you.
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