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Full Version: charactor picture generator
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i have tried to find a picture generator on line, and have failed miserably.
there was a link from one topic in here somewhere i think but that could just have been my imagination. So what i am looking for is a website or program that will generate a picture of a character with a certain amount of gear (swords clothing spurs etc...)
please post a link to any such program.

thank you smile.gif
It's not particularily good for Shadowrun, but Heromachine can work...
You could use hero machine, but it puts out sub-par pictuires. For a few dollers you could check out this website and have a premo character portrait done. If you sya you come from DSF you get %20 off.
Ever notice that most character portraits seem to be of Elves? I suppose it's natural that only the "glamourous" characteres need portraits?
Actually I've got a couple of orks and a ghoul up on the Shadowrun Amateur Artgroup. Personally I prefer to go for variety rather than coolness.
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