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Full Version: The Cinematic Shadowrun
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Today I watched a french film Called MicMacs.

Written and Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, creator such films as Amelie and City of Lost Children, it has his identifiable fun and quirky style.

Long story short I feel it's a good film for Shadowrun research.

A man who's father died diffusing a landmine then later in life gets wounded by a stray bullet. He later seeks retribution against the two powerful Munitions makers who made the Mine and Bullet. Meeting a group of odd people (each with an odd talent) who live on the fringes of society he becomes friends with them and they agree to help him in his quest.
The ending really had me on the edge of my seat and was not at all what I expected.

I would reccomend this film for people who like to play shadowrunners on a shoestring. Despite the lack of super-futuristic or Raw Magic content it has a charm and cleverness that draws you in and makes you believe that the little people really DO stand a chance at toppling the Corps.

Offhand it makes me wonder what Jean-Pierre Jeunet might be able to do if someone properly introduced him to Shadowrun.
Hm... didn't we just have a thread for the compilation of film... just down there?
Ah well, doesn't matter. Will have a look at this film.
Oh silly me, I forgot to ask what films the rest of you were impressed by for something that seems Shadowrun-ish?

Oh hey. How did I ever miss that thread?

Oh well. I'll have to take a look through it.
Thanks Summerstorm

EDIT: Ah you found it... well
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