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So I am not the master of PBP gaming but I though of some things that could be considered guidelines for both players and GM's when running a game on the boards. I know it's not comprehensive so I though, hey, lets ask DSF, DSF will like it, they like everything! Ok, maybe not. But any comments, additions, or slander will be accepted.

1. Don't tell other people how they feel when describing your character. Do your best to portray a mood or an idea, but don't just tell other people what they feel when looking at your character.

2. Try to distinguish between "talking" and thinking.

3. If you have a long post use paragraph breaks.

4. When performing a skill or ability describe what your character does, and leave it up to the GM to say how it comes out.

6. Use of bold can add emphasis to a word.

7. Keep OOC in the OOC. If you have a question or something just post it in the OOC.

8. Turn off your signature! It breaks up the mood when reading the IC.
There's a certain degree to which you can break #1. For instance, casting Stench.

Amen to seven. God save Shadow!
Underlining is satan. Use italics or bold. wink.gif
Normally I would agree with you Adam, I personally just use bold for emphasis. However; I use italics to represent my characters thoughts, so it would get confusing to use it for both thinking and emphasis. So the underline is another option. But for you I will make a change.
Considering I don't play or run online games, my opinion is really moot smile.gif

I do think that underlined text should be avoided as much as possible, though, both because it's ugly and it can be confused with hyperlinks. But, not confusing thoughts with emphasis is a good thing. smile.gif
Something which we started in the misfits games is spoiler tagging dice rolls in the IC thread. instead of using a seperate thread for it.
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