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Full Version: Need help on Aztlan source book
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So, which book(s) do contain information on Aztlan (from any edition).
And if possible where can I get the pdf's (DriveThru, etc...)
Well, there's the Aztlan sourcebook, 6th world almanac had a blurb, Threats 1 has a bit about the blood mage gestalt and Darke. I'll check for more.

You can get them on
The Aztlan sourcebook is obviously the best bet. I don't think too much of its material has been rendered obsolete by the edition and real world changes. I could be wrong though. Never really investigated the fluff alterations regarding it.
Corporate Enclaves has a short writeup on Tenochtitlan, as well.
You can get that on drivethrurpg as well.
I didn't know Aztlan had a book just for themselves, good to know. I'll check drivethru, thanks guys.
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