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Full Version: Need Help. Buying Supplements.
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Hi there,

Just now have the means to acquire some sourcebooks I dreamed of my entire youth. So I need some tips from you guys.

Have in mind I only want mostly 1st and 2nd edition books, as I m seeking the particular SR fluff/aesthetics as envisioned by the old folk Dowd, Findley, Kenson, Hume, Laubenstein, Bradstreet, Nelson, Aulisio, etc. But Im tolerant to exceptions from 3rd edition that you consider exceptionally good.

I will pick the "archetypal" books first (decking, rigging, sammie, magic, etc.), and then expand it from there to the "setting" books (read "setting" here as all sourcebooks that expand or deepens various aspects of life, not just city/location ones). So, what are the best books in these conditions ?

Doc Chase

*cough* Ahem. Hm.

Street Samurai Catalog.
Prime Mover
street sami
awakenings or grimore if wanna do 1st ed
rigger blackbook

Fields of Fire!
I do miss the cool pictures that showed you what the implants did, and where how they connected inside your body.

Those were cool.
Cybertechnology is another good one to supplement Shadowtech. Are you buying these on PDF? I have found if you scour EBay and if you have a local place with a Used book rack you can beef up your collections of out of print books relatively cheap.

If you're looking for Fluffy Stuff, there's the Neo Anarchist's Guide to Real Life. I think the 3rd Edition Sprawl Survival Guide was decent too.
Sprawl sites, it has maps, archetypes, contacts and random encounter tables.
Shadowbeat, Universal Brotherhood, Seattle Sourcebook

Seattle source book, original riggers BB.
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