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Full Version: Technomantic Questions
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Okay, so i am reading over all the technomancer rules currently and i
am pondering one thing-
Say the Technomancer gets attacked with the well, attack program-
usually resisted with System+Armor
first off, does the technomancer resist damage in the normal sense in those occasions,
or is it a Will+Biofeedback roll?

because of various wordings in am somewhat confused on this, and any help
would be appreciated.

Well Technomancers can get Armor complex form... so there's that.
And their System rating is equivalent to their logic.
So Logic + Armor ftw?

I'm not sure if you'd add Willpower+ Biofeedback(Charisma) on top for any damage that rolls over the logic + armor. Probably not though since biofeedback is specifically resisting damage from Black IC and System+armor is for persona damage.
You make your Defense test with Response + Firewall

You soak the cyber damage value with System + Armor

Since you're a technomancer, damage that isn't soaked goes right to your stun track.

Now just swap in your living avatar starts as appropriate.
Willpower = Firewll
Intuiton = Response
Logic = System

Also, why the heck aren't you using the shield complex form?
QUOTE (Udoshi @ Oct 6 2010, 08:50 PM) *
Also, why the heck aren't you using the shield complex form?

Maybe because he's still in the Core book?

Unwired is a good book.
The only difference in rolls for a TM from any other hacker is that for defense against non-black IC attacks, you use Response+Firewall+Shield (basically, you add in the Shield CF from Unwired if you have it).

Ignore the "Logic+Armor" bit, because there are a few things that can affect this. First off, none of their Matrix attributes may be greater than their Resonance, so a Resonance 4 TM with Logic 5 only has a System of 4, not 5. Likewise, there are a number of echoes available that increase Matrix attributes of the TM, and allow for pushing beyond your mental attributes (but still not beyond your Resonance) such as Overclocking.
Hmm...I'm going to have to re-read that... I thought it was:

Response(Intuition)+Firewall+Shield to defend against (ALL) matrix attacks

System(Logic)+Armor to soak normal Matrix attacks

Will+Biofeedback Filter(Charisma) to resist Black IC damage (Blackout/Black Hammer)

Will+Biofeedback Filter(Charisma) vs the Black ICs rating+Response to resist having your ability to Jack Out blocked (not Log Off, that is removed with no test if a Black IC attack hits automatically, even if no damage is done)
Like I said, the only difference in anything is that TM's have the Shield CF.

Sure, biofeedback filter IS Charisma, but if it's higher than Resonance (such as on an elf that's both TM and face, or a TM with reduced essence) then it's only as high as your Resonance. Additionally, if the TM has submerged and taken the requisite echo (up to 3 times), then it's Charisma + the number of times he's taken that echo, still limited by Resonance. Hence, ignore the whole "mental attribute = matrix attribute" bit, as it's not exactly right (but an ok way to explain it to non-TM players).

Also, it may be that they have the same defense roll for all attacks and only different soak rolls for black IC and not-black IC. I'm at work atm and don't have access to my books, so I forget for sure on that. But basically, TM's work exactly the way any other hacker does mechanically for most things, they just get odd bits here and there thanks to things like the Shield CF and echoes. Rather than assuming "mental attribute = matrix attribute", just keep a seperate listing of matrix attributes for the TM, just like a mundane hacker would.
thanks for all the replies,
my confusion with the issue with some wording on
how tm's take damage/living persona etc, so i didn't know if even normal
matrix attack programs went against their will+biofeedback.
I have unwired, and it is a good book(though even more confusing at times), but i am currently restricted to the
use of the BBB

thanks again.

If this mission in learning what a TM is has taught me anything though,
it is that they are more hosed at Character Gen than Casters, oh...
and Sprites are almost too good =p
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