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Anyone ever done a campaign built around the sports of shadowrun? maybe a side quest, where the Shadowrunner's have to fix a game, or maybe temporarily replace members of the team with runners to protect their assets. Any good ideas for a sports oriented SR campaign?
There was the module "A Killing Glare". It revolved around Urban Brawl. Also, in the short story collection "Wofl and Raven" there was a chapter about pro-baseball. It was pretty good.

I think there was a Combat Biker module, too. But I can't remember right now....
Large Mike

My players once tried to kidnap that woman that plays for the screamers that has an interview in SotA
"Dead Air" had a good deal of combat biker in it, but because of the nature of the story it isn't exactly canon info.
I had an incomplete non-canon sports timeline for Shadowrun that I'd been working on... it's still somewhere around here. Odd, since I pay no attention at all to real-life sports.

Hot Wheels
For a while I had a character with a fondness for baseball. Named "Shortstop" she was a fan of the Mariners and so eventually we got caught up in several runs hired by the organization, a bug hunt under the kingdome. protecting players, busting up policlubs looking to make demonstrations. and a dispute with Lone star over the team security contract, of "the guys you've got ain't gonna be enough for trouble. oh look here comes trouble."

Because my character loved the game, there were no runs against other teams' players- though I admit the occassional agent had a problem. My character became involved with one of the players and when he was traded to Cleaveland, she went with him.
My friend had a Merc character whos hobby was urban brawl games. When he saw his favorite team underperform a few games in a row he started showing up at their houses. Ultimately he ran down a bookie with some blackmail info who was getting some of the players to throw the games.

Ultimately the bookie ended up starving to death in a safehouse where he was locked up because the runners ended up indisposed for a couple of weeks, I forget why.

You have to love it when he runs write themselves.
Cool ideas, I'll have to play with some of them. I don't watch much real sports, but I just thought that some of the players might want to play in something sometime and I wanted to see how viable it was, maybe have them involved in urban brawl sometime smile.gif I'm sure some of my players would love it.
QUOTE (Hot Wheels)
For a while I had a character with a fondness for baseball. Named "Shortstop" she was a fan of the Mariners

Fan? she bordered on being a groupie!
Digital Heroin
I made an Urban Brawl playing runner once, he was a corporate sponsered, genetec modified pretty boy... would love to try and play him in a game...
Limping Jacob
A character I'm working on at the moment (elf adept/ex-ganger/thief-type) had a very brief stint as a player at the AA level with a Seattle Mariners affiliate, until a few games into his promising young career he was implicated (framed, really) in some game-fixing nonsense. One of his side goals once I start playing him is going to be figuring out who wanted him cut out, and why. Of course, he'll probably want to extract a little revenge, too.
QUOTE (Snow_Fox)
Fan? she bordered on being a groupie!

Well, I suppose that's one way of collecting a ritual sample. smile.gif
Do they have rules for combat biking? I ask because I had a girl who was a mean combat biker and would often use her bike in combat, not just drive around but actually use the bike, like bunny hop up onto whatever was handy (when it was handy) and then run people over, or jump off something onto someone or drive by someone and kick them as she drove by, or doing a nose spin and basically slamming someone with a bike... If you don't get the picture by now I give up...

Anyone ever see any rules for something like that?


I'd like to know of any such rules myself as I too am playing an ex-combat biker character.
Pretty detailed "real life" rules for Combat Biker (and Urban Brawl) can be found in Shadowbeat (page 65 onwards). They're enough to actually work out how to play the game, although game mechanics are not included.

Although it's out of date Shadowbeat remains one of my favourite SR books.
QUOTE (kevyn668)
There was the module "A Killing Glare". It revolved around Urban Brawl.

[ Spoiler ]
Die blaue Reiterin
Do desert wars count as 'sport' ? Our group spent the last game session playing against Aztechnology's team.

The only problem with that kind of game is that it's rather hard for the GM to deal with all the NPCs. For instance, the goal of the game was, for Aztechnology, to get out of the area alive. Not surprinsignly, we, Seader-Krupp's team, had to prevent that. Aztechnology had 4 lobo and about 24 grunts ( in addition to the pilots and gunners ). We had 4 banshees and 24 grunts to boss around ( including us ), in addition to the mendatory pilots and gunners. The NPC riggers of both teams spent a lot of time hitting on each other's head through virtual weaponry ( visual effects are added for TV ). Of course, the mission objectives changed halfway through the game so we'd have to use the infantry ( instead on just gunning the darn lobos down ).

There's some appeal in hitting each other with rubber bullets, in heavy security armor ( add some foci with increase body and armor for real fun ), in the middle of nowhere, then watch the edited version with special effects later... and get paid *a lot* biggrin.gif

I know there was news stories about "power outs" in the middle of games. In this country the current result didn't stand, wasn't the same in asian countrys, bookies payed out based on the closing score. Also players beting in games where the bet was time till the first throw in, strangly it took a couple of games for people to work out why players first touch of the ball was to kick it off pitch....
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