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Full Version: SR4 system on SR1/2/3 setting ?
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Hi there,

Any tips for someone who would like to use SR4A system on SR1/2/3 setting ?

If you have the books available, look at the cyber. It's not entirely different but a lot of the stuff we take for granted wasn't there in 2050. Also, I'd definitely think about just retconning in the wireless Matrix, unless you like the cyberdecks and tortoises. Also, go over the magic rules, compare and contrast. I think SR1 had some interesting rules versus SR4A magic wise.
Thanks, Whyskey. I would like to go full 2050´s by the way, with decks and wired matrix.

What makes me curious is how do SR4A system translate to the 2050´s. I mean, how would a Fairlight Excalibur translate? How about the matrix ratings and combat? Something like that. smile.gif

Come on people. Nobody ever tried to play in the 2050´s with SR4 system !? I mean, all 2050´s cyberdecks´, programs´, weapons´, armors´, etc. ratings work perfectly/as-is with SR4 system ?

Please, someone gimme a hand here.

I thought about it, decided that the gulf between wired and wireless was too vast, as was the amount of NPCs (from published adventures) I'd have to convert and elected to use a hideous bastardized SR1/SR2/SR3 hybrid instead. (Basically it was SR1 with all of the retarded stuff replaced with the SR3 rules, whereas the stuff that was merely weird was left in.)
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