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Swing Kid
I am putting together some popular culture notes based off of the books, adventures, etc, and am planning on starting with something simple, like popular music in the Shadowrun environment. I could make up my lists, sure, but what better source to use than these forums. If in any of your reading, you came across a band name, a current pop star, etc, would you mind taking a moment and noting it here (especially if you can mention the source)?

I am looking to have similar topics, like popular runners, sports teams, details for gangs, noted Fixers and Johnsons, etc, in the future.

Just to start this...
The Shadows (source: One Stage Before module) - Rock Band
not sure if this helps, but I googled shadowrun music and found a website that someone put some stuff on. not sure of there sources though -other than what he says on his site. hope this helps

The Top Ten
For Saturday July 17th 2060.
1. Concrete Dreams - Sounds of a Dragon [Platinum - 1,001,004 sales]
2. Monster Machine - Truck Stop Rumble [Platinum - 900,400 sales (200,000 rumoured to be an Aztechnology bulk purchase)]
3. Rivet Joint - Bouncing to the Beat (Remix) [Gold - 600,432 sales]
4. Urban Combat Zone - Napalm [Gold - 600,431 sales]
5. Maze - Neverending Circles [Silver - 434,567 sales]
6. Transdental Smash - Walk in the Park [Silver - 236,500 sales]
7. Static Hiss - Nothing to hear (on the radio) [Silver - 205,456 sales]
8. Use of Weapons - Azzie [New Release]
9. Million Dollar Android - Who needs money? [Platinum - 1,002,456 sales]
10.Flapjack - Hey Ricky! [Gold - 423,987]
Jet Black- Angst Rock (Nirvana maybe?)
Maria Mercurial- Not sure of the genre

In one of the SotA books there's listings of bands I'll go try to dig it out of storage.
List of top music downloads from SR4A.
Return Ticket—Speed Coma (Classic Chrome Rock)
Queen of Freaks—Roxanne (OrxRock)
Gun in My Pocket and Happy to See Ya—Nago (Gob Rap)
The Sound—Silicon Duo (Fractal Phaze)
Together Again—Domino Haley (C-Pop)
Kinetique—Kinetique (E-Trance)
Ma’ Nbungo Do—Kaleope (Afroflash)
Victim of Causality—Ballistic Z (Nippon Glam)
Never Forgive, Never Forget:the Best of Shield Wall—Shield Wall (Classic Chrome Rock)
Decadance—Imaginaire (C-Pop)
Gun in My Pocket and Happy to See Ya—Nago (Gob Rap)

I wonder if that artist's name should be Nabo (the one from "On the run" module) instead of Nago.

The Shadows (source: One Stage Before module) - Rock Band

This band no longer exists.
It should be Nebis.

~Nebis Nebis
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