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Alright, I've been busy for a bit writing up a big bunch of runs for a few different games and such. The description of the runs tends to be a paragraph each to keep everything small and relatively simple, although there are a couple that have more than one part.

NOTE : If any of my players are looking at this thread, even if I doubt they are, leave the thread now just incase, because if I think for a second that you may have read the runs, I'll deduct so much karma your character will decrease in age.

Now, some of the runs are aimed specifically at my group, for instances they may include certain NPC names and stuff, for example the Flavours of Favours stuff. So before you throw a wig, I'm saying now, just change names about and whatever.

A last note. A lot of my ideas come from lots of different sources, I wouldn't even be able to tell you if I had ripped something off, but everything except the USS Carolina job was thought up by myself. Just incase though I'm thanking whoever gave me any other inspiration, whether I remember it or not.

Infact, this is the last note. When I write my stuff up, I *know* everything that will happen. A paragraph is an entire 3 session run for me, so if anyone wants any details of what I have planned for something in particular, just ask and I'll get back as soon as I can.

Anyway, enjoy.

Mysterious Package
One of the gang members that none of the party knows asks them to deliver a package to two other gangs. The PC's do so and when they deliver the package to the "meet", the other two gangs act like they know nothing about this. The other gangs take the package, it's a bomb which will blow them both to kibble. The other two gangs start a war on the PC's gang. The PC's should then try to sort this mess out. The original person that gave them the parcel is from a 4th gang, who was hoping to start a gang war to reduce the 3 gangs power so his gang could wipe them all out.

Return of USS Carolina
PCs are hired to enter an old ship, check it out and get it back to the mainland, there is a small crew already there, they need to do techinical repairs and stuff. PCs are hired to guard against pirates and things. Boat disappeared totally for 40 years, but it's worth a ton. On board the ship is a horror, Shedim, that can "possess" people in comes in contact with onboard. It induces fear, hatred and jealousy amongst it's victims and drinks their nightmares. When a possessed person is killed, which is normally soon, it leaps and possesses the next person that touches it's corpse.

One Was Bad Enough
PCs are hired by Renraku, who do not even attempt to hide the fact. They want the PCs to investigate one of their research centers, which they've lost all communication with. They will chopter the players onto the roof, so that they venture inside and see what is up. The building has been taken over by hi-tech terrorists, terrorfirst and will fight to the death for the place. They are exacting certain scientific information. Although during the break in, the terrorists accidentally released a powerful stag beetle spirit which is feeding from the place.

Get me the Drek Outta Here!
The PCs are hired to investigate a lack of communication from a mining colony off the coast of Brazil. The colony is on a small island with a lack of transport to and from it, no helipad, but they can get boats from the mainland. The PCs will be dropped off and picked up in 24 hours. The island has been over run by termite insect spirits, most of the population captured and changed, although some are still alive. The PCs must survive for 24 hours or destroy the queen termite spirit.

Mines, Drills and Biochemical Weapons Part #1
PCs are hired by an "army general" to steal bio-chemicals from a research and drilling base off of Alaska. The base is privately owned by "terrorists". They have a helipad and dock. The PCs must also destroy the mining base after taking three important chemicals. They are to bring the chemicals back to Seattle and hand them over. The "army general" is the terrorist faction. After the run, the PCs will hear on the news of a horrible virus outbreak in northern Redmond, centered on a charity hospital, the hospital was then attacked enmass leaving hundreds of people slaughtered.

Mines, Drills and Biochemical Weapons Part #2
PCs are contacted by a charming and secretive man. He tells them he knows that they stole the bio-chemicals and wants the PCs to disrupt the Terrorists operations. He wants them to break into one of their bases and replace the stolen chemicals for the ones he has. He wants them to either do it in complete secret, or make it look like they got close to the holding area but had to retreat. They are then to bring the chemicals back to him. Later, the PCs will hear on the news of a massive gunfight in northern Bellevue which finished before Lonestar could respond. An unknown faction attacked a top notch clinic with gas weapons, but the terrorists were slaughtered, without a single casualty to the clinic personnel.

Mines, Drills and Biochemical Weapons Part #3
The PCs are again contacted by the charming and secretive man. He wants the PCs to assault another of the factions bases, but this time, slaughtering everyone, although keeping the infrastructure intact. He also wants the PCs to interrogate the leader, or co-leader of the facility and find out where their main base of operations is and where the "general" is. Upon reaching the leader or co-leader, he surrenders and speaks to them. He tells them they're working for vampires who are trying to take control of the world economy and that they should not work for them, as in the end they will be cattle. He asks them to meet the general to discuss details. The terrorists want them to go back to the charming man, saying they've completed the job and then launch a surprise attack to kill or capture him. If the PCs try to capture the vampire, see #4A, if they kill everyone and give information on the General's location, see #4B. The vampire will escape, no matter what.

Mines, Drills and Biochemical Weapons Part #4A
The PCs meet the General again, he isn't happy about what they've done, but happy to have the PCs on their side. He tells the PCs that they've located the vampire’s main hive and wants them to arrowhead a massive assault through the catacombs below Bellevue. They have two options, they can try to get more of the chemicals they used before, which will severally weaken the vampires, or just go ahead with the assault and hope for the best. The catacombs contain many ghouls, vampires and human addicts willing to fight to the death. The chemicals are being kept in an apartment in an AAA zone in the Downtown Royale, that's the head vampire’s apartment. None of this will be easy.

Mines, Drills and Biochemical Weapons Part #4B
The PCs meet the charming man again, he wants the PCs to enter the main base of the terrorist faction and eliminate everyone, including the general, then retrieve all the data they can, on locations, members and donators. The terrorist base is well hidden and riddled with mundane bobytraps. After they slaughter the entire place, the charming man will show up outside the base take the data off them and hand it to some freakily zombie like females. He will thank them and then his vampiric friends will show up in a grande entrance, hissing and being intimidating. He will then tell them that they have proven themselves more than useful and he wants them on a permanent "payroll" as such. Meaning they either become vampires and join them willing, willing drink blood from them and become addicted or go down with a fight, to rise as vampires. Hopefully the PCs will go out guns blazing.

My Daughter! My Daughter!
PCs are contacted by a Johnson urgently. The Johnson wants the players to immediately find out what the fuck happened to a girl called Jode Banks. Jode Banks is the Johnsons daughter and a bit of a run away. She thinks she is in love with a Ganger Called UltraBlue, a Halloweener and she's run off with him. She deliberately got her limo drivers to take her downtown, where she had an attack setup by the halloweeners and UltraBlue took her into his arms. Jode is now in Halloweener turf with UltraBlue, at this minute getting nose piercings and tattoos. How long will they take? The Johnson won't be happy if they bring her back looking like a tattoo shop poster.

WtF? Protect HIM?
PCs are contacted with a body guard job. An important son from a powerful european family has entered town, he's a bit of a dope head and loves to party, no, sorry, LOVES to party. He refuses all the other bodyguards because they just "cramp his style" and the family is looking for shadowrunners, who don't mind looking good and having fun to protect him while in town. The guy, Robert "Robbie" Greens will lead the PCs to all sorts of places. A rave, a fetish gay club, toga night, a 70' night, a cowboy bar, a gangers headbanging club. Robbie will hit on all the female players and any female he comes across, getting the PCs into a ton of fights, he also has a mark on him and will have three assassination attempts at very bad moments. Robbie cannot be hurt at ALL and he expects the PCs to dress to suit the occasion at ALL clubs and bars.

Rumble in the Jungle
The PCs are hired to guard a scientific research team that is travelling deep into the african jungle. The company will provide all transport there, although what they take will be limited. The runners must accompany and protect the team as they travel through the jungle in search of the rare and wild Feather Backed Gorillia. The jungle isn't that nice, is it? The jungle is swarming with all manor of paranormal beasts, not to mention those awakened cannibals.

I thought China broke easy
The PCs are hired this time, basically, to travel to china and aid corporate forces to remove a rebel faction that was setup in an area they want to build in. The rebels are badly trained and unorganised with hardly any equipment, but what will the players do when they find out most of the rebel force is made up of women and children and the land they are on has been their property for nine generations. Will they even find out about the oil deposits that the chinese rebels are camped on. What will they do when the corporation sends it forces to purge the rebels and will they even consider how they can stop the mass-slaughter.

French Connection Smells Bad
France is in Facist turmoil, it's cities are locked down under military oppression, yet several groups fight back. The PCs are contacted by a french female, Claire de'brueche, she wants them to travel to La Monde, a industrial town in France and aid a group known as Freedom or "Viva". They are to contact a man called Louis Le'Velle, the underground movement leader. Basically the PCs must aid the rebel faction by infiltrating the main military base there, disabling the security drone networks, destroying as much of it as possible and freeing the city to the rebels, who will aid once they have the fire power. It's not an easy job at all, but the group has some very wealthy sympathisers.

Bloody Monkeys
The PCs are hired to goto one of their small corporate holdings in the amazon, where they are doing important medical research. The holding is being attacked by jungle guerillias and the corporation wants the shadowrunners to help defend against the attacks, until they can pinpoint the rebels location and wipe them out. Bugs, paranormal creatures, traps and machineguns are your enemy. The Guerillias are VERY well armed though, maybe the runners will find out about the other corporation that wants to delay their research so they can release their own.

Data Snatch? What fraggin' Data?
The PCs are hired to undertake a simple snatch the data and return gig. The place they are to snatch the data from is low-security and shouldn't be much of a problem. Although there is a problem, another shadowrunning team have already snatched the data. The PCs have five days before the shadowrunning team finds their contact to sell the data, time is short.

Friends in High Places
The PCs are hired for the most unholy mission a shadowrunner can undertake, turn in their own. The Johnson has a lead that says a recent data steal against his corporation was undertaken by one of the cliental that dwells on the 9th layer of Dantes. The PCs must hang around there and somehow find out who it was that did the job and report it back to the Johnson. Will they turn in there own, will they break the unspoken code of the shadows? But what happens if the PCs have been secretly bugged?

Assassinate Damien Knight? NO FRAGGIN' WAY!
The PCs are hired by a Johnson and told one of the most scariest things ever, he wants them to assassinate Damien Knight, CEO of Ares Macrotechnology. After they've recovered from heart attacks, he then explains to them that it's all a faux. Damien Knight wants to fake his own death for a few days to reveal an assassination and take over scheme that is to be launched against him by certain board members. He wants them to think he is dead, so that they will make there move hastily in the confusing and he can crush them and remove them from the board. The hit is unknown to everyone except Damien Knight, the head of security, the johnson and the runners. Security will be VERY tight, but they have three weeks to prepare and they know where to hit him. Unfortunately it's public and during the day. Tough, but possible.

Traitor in our Midst
The PCs are hired this time, but surprising by Phobia, the bartender of the 9th hell in Dantes. It seems that there is a snitch amongst them, one of the locals it would seem and as relative new comers, she is asking them to find out who it is and sort it out. What will they do when most evidence points towards Sean? Could he possible be the leak, or maybe it's something else. Those damn reporters can get bugs anywhere though. Bugs? Bugs? Oh christ.

Flavours of Favours Part #1
The PCs are drinking, or at least some of them at the 9th hell when Shifter comes in, looking very worried and distressed, it's a quietish night with only the PCs, Phobia and Sean in the bar. Shifter begins to hurriedly talk to Sean, but pieces of the conversation are easily overheard. It seems something bad has happened and for some reason, Aztechnology have busted into SpellFires apartment and taken him captive. It seems he is being held at a hi-tech interrogation center. Runners can pay each other, but is there more at stake perhaps?

Flavours of Favours Part #2
Seems SpellFire is out of hospital and somewhat better when he turns up at the PCs warehouse. SpellFire is grateful, but explains the situation. Aztechnology busted him for breaking into one of their compounds and stealing certain research, although more worrying they actually showed him the PROOF he did it, which he didn't. SpellFire can't offer much but needs something done about this and explains that he thinks he might know who did it, a man known as the Hound, someone he crossed with while doing a job with Sean, infact, he thinks Sean annoyed him even more, where did Sean live again? Sean's apartment is currently undersiege by Aztechnology, if they manage to remove that threat, there comes the problem of finding the Hound, are the PCs up for it? Will loyalty and honour rise above everything else?

Flavours of Favours Part #3
The PCs are resting after a long earned hunt grabbing the Hound and all the booty, when they get a phone call from an unknown number, the calling sounds worried and is quickly cut off, but the caller manages to say something on the lines of watch out and they're coming. Time for the PCs enemies to show up I think and a hell of a lot of them there is at that. The PCs have hardly any time at all to prepare, they're trapped and cornered, the tunnels are being envaded, cars and drones everywhere. Lets hope the cavalry arrive quickly, eh?

Flavours of Favours Part #4
The PCs and NPC Shadowrunners have now beaten back and dealt the groups after the runners a serious blow in resources and man power. Perhaps it's time to finish off those debts, eh? This part is optional and upto the PCs, several very key NPCs are willing to goto that extra length to help anyone that helped before without wanting payment. If there was ever a better time to lose a hunted flaw, it's right now.

Quick, get my medicine!
The PCs are hired to ambush a van on route to Seattle from Detroit. It's a medical van and will have an armed escort, they have four days until it arrives and need to stop it before it reaches seattle, ideally. The van however is carrying a toxin cure to a community hospital in Redmond, in hopes that the medicine they carry will fight a very nasty plague that has broken out. Money or lives? What will the PCs do. The Johnson wants the ORIGINAL vial without TAMPERING. No, no copying it here.

The Hunter and the Hunted.
The PCs are hired by a big game hunter this time, he wants expert shadowrunners, good at surviving and such to help him hunt down a wendigo. The real score is that the PCs are being put into a dangerous game of cat and mouse, the big game hunters is bored of prey and wants to hunt runners now for the ultimate thrill. He'll ship them all to a private island by helicopters and into their setup base, at some point he ask the PCs to go somewhere and check something, upon getting there they find a letter describing the deadly game. Will they survive, the hunters are exprienced and well equiped.

The PCs are hired this time to disrupt and stop a construction firm from knocking down a large area of forest in the Snohomish region. The area has been bought by a large corporation and they wish to knock everything down to build a large packing factory and shopping mall there. The area is contains hundreds of types of wildlife which will all die out if the PCs fail. The PC however are to not kill anyone, at least the workers, in the process, as they themselves are innocent of any crimes.

Ooh.. a new stamp
The PCs are hired by an eccentric animal collector. He wants the PCs to break into Tacoma's Paranormal Zoo and steal himself some rare animals, so he can shoot them and stick them on his walls. He wants one Phantom Tarantula, one Gorgon and one Purple Feathered Pheasant. He'll pay quite a lot for them and the zoo's security isn't the best, but getting a gorgon across the city will be a challenge.

Prototype X3.11 will be MINE! Muwahwaha!
Okay, the PCs are asked to go to one of the secure rooms on the 9th layer of Dantes for a meet, if that doesn't scare them straight up, I dunno what will. They are met by a Chinese no non-sense man called Mr.Hung. He wants the PCs to break into Mitsuhama downtown and steal the a man portable laser cannon called Prototype X3.11. It's not an easy job at all, the prototype is located on the 47th floor, he has all the maps and directions to it they need.

The PCs are hired this time by potty mouthed Joey the Knife. He has a real bad attitude, but he has the bucks. He wants the New Reno club terrorised for a few days, including the customers and stuff, then the club burnt down and the deeds brought to himself, if they can top the current owner all the better. He is working for some guy he calls The Frog and talks about him like he's the MAN. The more destruction and worst the name gets of the new Reno, the better.

Spies! Spies! Spies!
Okay, PCs are relaxing at home when they pick something up on the cameras, looks like someone talking pictures. He runs away anyway.. over the next few days, they get hints that they're being followed and pictures are being taken of them. Soon enough they manage to grab a camera man called David. Basically, Sharon Mccall is a journalist and is writing an article on shadowrunners and she happens to have picked up on the current runners. The PCs will have to stop her or their careers will be over and they'll probably be arrested, from the day they capture David, they have three days before her magazine comes out to the public.

Sandy Beaches and Calm Blue Seas.
The PCs are hired for a tough run this time, the Johnson wants them to get themselves over to Jamaica for a nice relaxing... wait, there are zombies roaming. The PCs are shipped to a luxury estate on the coasts of Jamaica, not many servants remain, the rest scared away. The owner of the estate is a drug baron, a rich one, who has taken out a lot of his enemies, unfortunately the last had a brother, who is a voodoo shaman of some power, who is now attempting to kill the drug baron. What he doesn't tell the PCs is that he has most of his enemies buried in his mansion in the basement, inside walls. Things are going to get hot around here to say the least.

Whips, Chains and Mass Murder
The PCs are contacted with an infiltration mission ahead of them. The PCs are to find a mysterious man that goes by the name of Chanel. The only known lead to him is a man called Pete Josan. Pete hangs around in S&M clubs all the time and has the contacts, but he doesn't just talk to anyone, so the PCs will have to get into the screen and become his friend. Chanel is rumoured to be the chief of a organisation known as Blood and Chains, some kind of spooky S&M thing for the rich and famous. Unknown to most, it also covers for a pack of blood mages and they have ritual killings at their special events.

Frag it man.
PCs are hired this time for a nice easy datasteal against a small computer company in downtown, security sucks, nice and easy. The Johnson will arrange a meet afterwards in a carpark in a disused section of downtown. Although instead of arriving himself, Lonestar will be there undercover. Looks like the PCs have been set up by one of the corporations that they have annoyed in the past. Except they're also being blamed for a school bombing that happened earlier in the week. Can they prove their innocence and get themselves out of drek?

The PCs are hired this time to launch a raid against a group SUSPECTED of smuggling and terrorism. The Johnson wants them to check out three locations, find out which one is most likely, then launch their raid against it. They must bring back proof that they are the group they're looking for and should try not to kill anyone not affiliated with the group. A warehouse in Puyallup, an old hotel in Redmond and an old farm in Snohomish are the three possible locations.

I hate these freakin’ tunnels!
The PCs are hired this time to kill a strange uprising of devil rats in the Tacoma district. The uprising is in the centre of the Tacoma Mall and the rats have become very aggressive, they hired exterminators to deal with the problem, but none come back to the surface and all communication failed. The devil rats are being led by a mutated devil rat and a newly created Rat Shaman called Morris Jacobs. The ex-cleaner has a vendetta against the malls owners and shoppers.

Brrrrrr! It’s cold and what the hell was that noise? Part #1
The PCs are hired this time to travel to the north pole, the Johnson wants the team to investigate a scientific research facility that has broken contact, another “team” has been sent there already, but the reports back were vague. As the “team” entered the facility and went further through the levels, they lost communication. The “team” hasn’t replied yet, this was two days ago. The base has been built over a meteor crash site. It’s currently night in the north pole and the temperature is a killer, the Johnson will arrange for the team to be shipped to the north pole via a helicopter. Yesterday, the Johnson received reports that a small force had entered the area, the teams first goal will be to enter the base, deal with any trespassers, secure the upper floor and get communication and defence system running.

Brrrrrr! It’s cold and what the hell was that noise? Part #2
The PCs should now have everything running, the first level cleared out of intruders and the defence systems online, the Johnson will then get in touch with the PCs via the communication array on top of the station. He informs the PCs that they’re now sending a team out to meet with them, the commander will be in charge, but it’s noted that they’re hired experts. With the new team and it’s green arsed leader, they will travel down through the facility, seeing horror on the way, blood trails, ammo marks, burnt out things, but no corpses, finally they get to the 4th floor, which contains a lot of piping, but the green arsed leader recognises the fuel pipes and gets everyone to replace live ammo with gel rounds, just in case, that’s when they attack…

Brrrrrr! It’s cold and what the hell was that noise? Part #3
The PCs are in a pile of shit now, not many of the team are still alive, they should get themselves back up to the command centre at the top of the base, unfortunately the blizzard is sweeping the area and communication will be out for 48 hours. It should become obvious to the team that they won’t be able to hold out for that long, as the bugs can get in from nearly anywhere, then they pick up a in base signal from far below, seems one of the original team members is still alive, and boy does he have some things to report. The queen arachnid is below, lower than the fuel system, it’ll take a lot of balls, firepower and damn good luck to toast the place, but it’s their only hope.

- Baatorian

PS : I HAVE ripped some names from the Awake2050 MUD (although I think it's called Awake2063 now), so sorry and thanks to them.
That's not a bunch. It's a metric bung load (Or U.S. Ass load, depending on what system of measurement you follow). wink.gif
or possibly even a Wodge, Big Wampum Heap or even a Plantation's Worth as oppose to just 'a bunch'...

some good ideas there though, which I might just have to steal... wink.gif

that was a lot to digest in one sitting...

Lots of good ideas, be careful of railroading, i noticed certian phrases, like "The vampire will escape, no matter what." that set off bells in my head, I can safely say that my players can frag up anything that requires a specific outcome for the next stage wink.gif .

-Mike R.
Ooh.. a new stamp
The PCs are hired by an eccentric animal collector. He wants the PCs to break into Tacoma's Paranormal Zoo and steal himself some rare animals, so he can shoot them and stick them on his walls. He wants one Phantom Tarantula, one Gorgon and one Purple Feathered Pheasant. He'll pay quite a lot for them and the zoo's security isn't the best, but getting a gorgon across the city will be a challenge.

A GORGON? I don't think the zoo has one of those... See a much earlier thread for reasons why. There are many!
Better yet, read Paranormal Animals of Europe! biggrin.gif That glass had better be one-way!
Fahr - I don't railroad, that's a note to self more than anything else. Meaning I make sure I have a suitable set of contingency plans in motion before hand that the PCs won't plan on. At the end of the day, the DM knows what is going to happen, as such, before the players, so it shouldn't be a problem. Infact, I know it'll work and he'll escape, vampires have enough powers to make it happen, especially when they pick meet spots, who turns up and so on.

Spotlite - Of course it has a Gorgon, the GM said it has a Gorgon, meaning it does.

For example...

GM ".. and a Gorgon"

Player (OOC) "WtF, it can't have a Gorgon.."

GM (Now OOC and annoyed at the player) "I said it has a Gorgon"

Player (OOC) "But.."

GM *raises his eyebrows at the player, whilst tapping his pen on the table*

Player (IC) "Okay, and a Gorgon, fine"
QUOTE (spotlite @ Mar 9 2004, 06:18 PM)
A GORGON? I don't think the zoo has one of those... See a much earlier thread for reasons why. There are many!

And I bet you believe GM controled Orbital Bovine Accelerators don't exist either, until you get fragged by one biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Baatorian)
Spotlite - Of course it has a Gorgon, the GM said it has a Gorgon, meaning it does.

Yeah fair enough, point taken!

If I was a player I'd feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea though. I mean, a ZOO? Where the public go? If you throw enough nuyen at something you can probably make it happen, regardless of other pesky difficulties such as the phenomenal cosmic power of a Gorgon crammed into an iddy bitty living space like an exhibit tank, and even being captured in the first place, but why the hell WOULD you put the public (who are your paying customers after all) at risk like that? You'd never get a license to keep it, you'd be under constant threat from eco terrorists, it would probably eat its way out of its containment every few months and chow on a few employees, customers, and probably a few other exhibits... I just don't think it would be viable on a risk-assessment basis for a zoo to be keeping one.

Put it this way - while I would, as a player, accept what the GM was telling me about the gorgon in the zoo, if instead the GM wanted to have one at a Parashield research facility and the team had to extract it from there and the rest of the paras from the zoo, breaking it into two runs, I'd be a lot less sceptical about it. And if as a player I'm sceptical, I won't buy into the suspension of disbeleif inherent in a roleplaying game.

Don't misunderstand - I like the premise of the run in question, I just think a Gorgon is overdoing it a little. If I was playing, however, I would indeed accept the premise the GM had set, even if it spoiled that particular run for me. I'd do that because Gm has final call, and I don't question that. If it kept happening though, well, I might start looking for another group which more suited my tastes, and no harm done.
yeah, the Gorgon looking at it now in my Critters book seems quite nasty, and not something I could imagine being feasible for a Paranormal Zoo unless you put some kind of special filtering glass in the aquarium, and used some sort of automated feeding process. aside from that, heavily hard to believe a paranormal zoo even taking one.
QUOTE (Reaver)
That's not a bunch. It's a metric bung load (Or U.S. Ass load, depending on what system of measurement you follow). wink.gif

QUOTE (boodah)
QUOTE (Reaver @ Mar 9 2004, 01:03 PM)
That's not a bunch.  It's a metric bung load (Or U.S. Ass load, depending on what system of measurement you follow).  wink.gif


I got a new .sig again...
Im gonna review and comment, just need a lotta review.
Sounds like a highpowered game. No 100 Bp charcters need apply. It seems the tendancey leans at "break in' break stuff' kill everyone" quite a bit. There is a lot of 'mass combat'. Its great and all, dont get me wrong, but mass combat is wicked slow to run in a game, and note that 3 goons with Ak 47s are just as dangerous as that chromed monster in your closet. Consider interspursing runs that can be done with out any combat. Remember that the best runs are the ones that nary a shot is fired. Bug sprits, lots of bug sprits, yet no chicago? Pity... there are standing rewards for people still trapped in bug city... There is a lot of provided air power and transportation, might annoy a resident rigger, but thats easy to avoid. Lines along "After they slaughter the entire place" is the sorta phrasing you might want to avoid, it tends to leave a bad taste in the collective mouths of people. Dosent seem to be much 'high magic' (at this power level sending entire partys on astral quests can be kinda fun) or matrix action. Just my opinion.

Mines, Drills and Biochemical Weapons:
Cool idea. Note that biological wepons speaks better then biochemical. Both are nasty anyhow. Also note that vampires are hard to kill and stay dead, so keep the numbers down, or give the players an edge.

WtF? Protect HIM?:
I LOVE this. This might even be a run to consider having next to nothing happen. Drop the assassation contracts, (3 is a 'bit' much) and give him a simlier foe (aka rich, snobish, you get the picture) and let this foe just try and screw up Robbies fun. This is a really fun sounding set up (picture your cyber troll in in S&M leathers at that gay bar...), and I may borrow it some day.

The Hunter and the Hunted.
I like the premise. Just make sure to play up the paranoia, and keep the PCs as the pray for as long as you can. Also, rember that all the foliage makes astral sight rather tough. All I can see are 5 bearded guys in tan savana hunting gear with sport rifles smokeing pipes and drinking sherry.

QUOTE (boodah)
QUOTE (Reaver @ Mar 9 2004, 01:03 PM)
That's not a bunch.  It's a metric bung load (Or U.S. Ass load, depending on what system of measurement you follow).  wink.gif


I did no such thing. At least nothing you can prove in a court of law. wink.gif


hope you don't mind me borrowing and remodding a couple of those plots smile.gif
Consider it a datasnatch. biggrin.gif

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