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Full Version: Two simple character sheet questions
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Greetings, I'm a GM and new to Shadowrun but not new in general.
I've read the corebook (20th anniversary edition) and I haven't found explanation to two things on the character sheet, both in the skills table header:
1. RTG
2. DP

I guess ATT is the linked attribute and that's cool. But what does RTG and DP mean?? I searched the net and forums and the book and the only thing RTG gives me is regional telecommunications grid, which I can't somehow fit to skills table. And DP? D may be for damage and P? Points? Damage points? that's my best guess so far but I really don't understand how should I link this to skills.

Can you help me?

Without looking at it: Rating and Dice pool, i guess.

Dice pool= Rating+Attribute+Mods
Hey, thanks!! How could I not guess RaTinG?? *facepalm*
Welcome aboard. Look here and prove that you are human and do err. wink.gif
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