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Full Version: SR3: How to steal a cyberdeck?
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Goal: Present a plan to my GM detailing how my character can steal a cyberdeck.
Main Question: How to find a mark to steal from.

I am in a 3rd edition game with a character who wants to become a decker. After looking over the rules it is very clear that the cyberdeck is the single most important element to being a good decker.

So I am asking for help from the dumpshcok community in thinking of ways to steal a cyberdeck. The why isn’t as important as the how to making this happen.

Here is a little about my character.
My character is a face adept with skillwares. I play my character a lot like SOPHIE DEVEREAUX aka The Grifter from the TV show the Leverage. The main differences are my character can truly look and act like anyone; his powers are Kinesics level 3, facial sculpt and voice control with a disguises skill and off course high etiquette and negotiations (aka Con). My character being the face of course also has lots of contacts, 14 in total. So with assets like theses how would my character go about stealing a cyberdeck???

Problem 1
How do I find someone with a deck?

Being that cyberdecks are illegal that narrows my search done to

A. Shadowrunner
B. Corporate decker
C. Young kid with rich criminal ties??

Anyone one else have a good suggestion? Now for each one of these how would I find an “easy” mark? I really need help presenting a good solid plan to my GM on this. I have some ideas, but I want to hear what you guys come up with.

Thanks in advance,
If I remember correctly, there is a detect object spell in SR3.
A mage could learn this spell for cyberdecks with enhanced reach and exclusive at level 3 for 1 karma.
If I remember the SR3 magic rules correctly, this should be enough, to detect all cyberdecks in 30 meter radius. (But im not sure at this, so correct me please when I am wrong).
You and the mage who can cast this spell, drive though the barrens, and he sustains this spell, until he finds a cyberdeck in one of the nearby houses.

Many deckers life in the barrens and enter the matrix from there. They own a very expensive cyberdeck (compared to what a normal person in the barrens owns) and their only defense is that no one knows it.
Now you know, and all you have to do is to take it from him. The perfect victim for you is a pure matrix specialist, who sucks at physical combat.
You should do some research before you strike. If its a combat hacker, that can defend himself, or if a whole runnerteam is in the house, you should search for a better victim.
Also you should expect, that the person is a runner, and that he has some technical security measures installed to defend his hideout.
And of course you should be carefull not to leave any traces, because the decker could belong to a runnerteam, that will come after you, if they find out your identity. Check the cyberdeck carefully for bugs or other possibilities to trace it, especially if you decide to let the decker who owns it life.

Obviously your character needs to know a mage that is willing to spend 1 karma to help him. If you don't, you could search for one you can hire.
Also make sure, that the mage casts the spell in a place were you know, that there are cyberdecks (for example in a mall where you see one in a shopwindow), so you can see if the spell can detect them. This way you will instandly know if the spell didn't work, and won't waste a whole day driving tough the barrens and wondering why you dont find cyberdecks.
Sophie wouldn't steal a deck, she'd get the decker to give it to her. smile.gif

I'd look at constructing a con that has a decker believing his deck is compromised, and that you can take care of it. Then have it look like you got picked up by a corp-- ideally in a way so the decker thinks you're taking the fall. The decker thinks he's walking away scot-free, and you have the deck. That's how I see a Sophie tackling it.
Swing Kid
Before you do this....this terrible deed....start by knowing what you want. Just stealing any cyberdeck shouldn't be too hard if you aren't particular. If you got a decker friend who is willing to help, find a local mark that has stepped on his shoes one too many times in the Matrix. He will probably do the search for you, detail the slag's deck for you, and might even help keep him busy while you go in and pick him clean. Then again, if you want a real deck, you are gonna have to do some deeper searching.

Word of warning, if you are in the biz, consider the implications of targeting another player. If word gets out, it could earn you some tough rep to live down. I suggest going corporate. These leads are alot cheaper (financially and socially), and those guys deserve it. You don't have to go after the big boys either, as in this business it pays for any corp large enough to have a second floorplan to put some decent gizmo's in their IT hands.

Or if you are really feeling suicidal, you could go after the Swing Kid's deck.
SR3 cyberdecks are sold in pretty much any store, so you should have no problem picking one of them up. Heck, your home telecom terminal has one built right into it. All that separates a cyberdeck from a cyberterminal are two chips, hardware wise anyway. Programs are another story altogether. Which, for lack of a better definition by the OP, I'm guessing that is also part of what we're looking to be included with the deck, as it saves time and money, if nothing else.

If not, you could swipe the deck, get a fixer to get you some programs, or go to your local Hacker House and download them, so you can script kiddie it for a while, until you learn to program your own, if you so choose.

As for who to target, targeting a decker, whether a corporate or an individual is asking for serious trouble, if you leave them /anything/ they can use against you. A shred of DNA, a name or face that you've used more than only in their presence, even a 'must have' favorite item, can all be a way for them to get a lead back to you. Then, it's not that long before the corp gets its teeth into you and tries to either recruit you or kill you (after all, you could have various sensitive data or what not) or it could be vengeful individual mucking your runs, selling you out, ruining your credit, making you top 10 most wanted... See 'The Net' as an idea of some examples of what they could do against you, but they could go so far as to booby trap the elevator you use daily or adjust your drink order to something toxic to you, etc. A decker could easily have a backup deck for just such an occasion, an old deck they never threw out, an 'Oh shit' deck for when they have to bolt and can't go back to their place, etc.

So, tying into that last point, maybe going against their core materials, or stealing an 'in-use' deck may not be the best way, go for something more like 'walking out of the corporate shop with a cyberterminal', 'convincing someone to give you their old deck and getting access to their source codes to make copies for yourself', or even 'downloading the blueprints and codes to a new deck from a corp'. But otherwise, some of the ideas in this post seem good beyond that.

Wrote all this and realized I forgot to add how to find the mark. Corps are easy since they're always talking abotu new stuff. The Sterenko Job, Season 3, Episode 3, is a good example of how you could get into a corporation and look around as a grifter. But if you're looking to take from individuals and don't have any real decking skill/abilitiy already, you'ld likely want to check out Shadow forums like Shadowland, see who the regulars are and try and arrange a meeting with them, perhaps a possible Johnson. Then, you can work your magic on them and do whatever you need to seperate them from their deck, even as simple as strongarming them, but that's not really the style of Sophie.
Two Words:
Decker Bar

Find Decker.
Shoot Decker.
Take Deck.
As was said, think carefully about this. You may end up buying that deck with rep.

Barring that, the easiest way is to higher the decker. If you get in touch with a corporate decker willing to do some work on the side (preferable), or a fixer, just assume a false persona, put out a call for deckers to do a job, pay the fixer the appropriate fees, plus a tip, and set the meet so it turns up gangers when you give the word. The word, of course, is waiting for the decker to do the job, since you want it done immediately. The decker will, of course, want to go to a different place, but he'll have to have his deck on him or close by so he can get started in a hurry.

You could also give the decker an object he needs to keep on his person prior to decking. Perhaps it's a special key fob that will unlock the security on a particular file. The fob, of course, contains a tiny drone and a large, directed charge of C-12. As the decker is plugged in, you aim your fob and detonate it at the slumped-over decker. Then track the signal and tidy up.
As a grifter, killing should be unnecessary, also its just plan bad idea. The interesting thing about Decks verses links, is the nature of chips.
You had to plug in programs physically, also decks were really just heavily modified off the shelf computers. If you roll in
and ask around be charming, spend some cash, many deckers are classic nerds, get'em a date, get that latest geek tech toy, it shouldn't
be hard to find someone who has the skill to make a Deck. Also being on good terms with the local Deckers will also make getting
ahold of chips real easy.
QUOTE (Marcus @ Oct 27 2010, 12:22 AM) *
Two Words:
Decker Bar

QUOTE (Stahlseele @ Oct 27 2010, 01:20 AM) *
Find Decker.
Shoot Decker.
Take Deck.

This or some variation there of. As cool as those wild complex plans from shows are it's better to keep things simple. The less moving parts something has the less chance it has to break, it's the same with plans. If you aren't the type to shoot someone in the face one of your buddies probably is.

What I'd do is go to a decker bar, seduce decker, as you two are leaving have your buddy "mug" the both of you, leave the decker because you are scared and need to be alone, then met up with your buddy and divvy up the loot. I suggest you get the deck he gets everything else. You may have to pay him off if the take is bad but whatever you're saving money on the deck and programs. I'd suggest either replacing or rewriting the programs it wouldn't do to be running around with someone's persona for an extended period of time.
We lifted a shipment (24) of Excalibers returning to seattle under a warrenty agreement. We hit the convoy (armoured) mid-route and got away pretty well, condsidering.

It involved mass-murder, ritual magic defense and 2 warring gogangs for hire. It also is responsible for the recent Rockworm infestation on the support pillars of the I91, lansat blackouts and one Patrol Officer Hank Murphy up for 59 accounts of murder, 2 grand theft auto, 1 corporate espionage and gross indecency for ramming a busload of nuns and orphans into the Sound. While driving naked.

And THAT, dear friends, is why when you ticket a mage, you be aware of spells like "Physical Mask" & Illusion.


In my opinion the safest way for this would be have the help of another decker - basicaly help him with lifting a brand new deck and get his old one along with some programs and training as a reward. That way you'll have not only a deck and programs, but a nanny watching you babysteps in the matrix.

Whcih would point stealing a blank deck from some corporate facilty as the way to go, with your soon-to-be mentor halping along. The basic idea would be to pass yourself as the deck's legitimate owner.
QUOTE (Manunancy @ Jan 15 2011, 10:26 AM) *
In my opinion the safest way for this would be have the help of another decker - basicaly help him with lifting a brand new deck and get his old one along with some programs and training as a reward. That way you'll have not only a deck and programs, but a nanny watching you babysteps in the matrix.

Whcih would point stealing a blank deck from some corporate facilty as the way to go, with your soon-to-be mentor halping along. The basic idea would be to pass yourself as the deck's legitimate owner.

Nice Idea!
Kyoto Kid
...I like Stahlseele's approach. Simple and elegant.
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