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Full Version: disbosable sunglasses
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My first thought is that i would love to see this set up with some kind of embedded oled display or similar for AR use.
Aren't those pretty much just the things an eye doctor'll give you, after an exam?
could be, not seen them before myself.
QUOTE (hobgoblin @ Oct 30 2010, 04:52 AM) *
could be, not seen them before myself.

In fairness, I've only ever been to an eye doctor twice, and both trips were to the same place, and were within the last 3-4 years. So maybe it's just something that only my eye doctor does, and that he just started doing right before I showed up...I don't have some huge breadth of knowledge and experience that I'm basing this on, here, I just assumed that it's pretty normal. cyber.gif
The only time I've ever seen optometrists give out sunglasses was when my father had corrective laser surgery. They gave him sunglasses/goggles that he had to wear for a week.

I'll also say that those goggles worked quite well for airsoft nyahnyah.gif
I got a pair from my last trip to the eye doctor after I had one of those tests where they had put drops in to dilate my eyes.

The future is disposable, and so are you...

Especially seeing as the parts that can't be harvested can be sold to Ghouls.

Or thrown into a pit of Starving Ghouls for gambling purposes.
My local drugstore used to sell them, then stopped.
Yes, they are trying to sell doctor's office shades. They're so "classy on the beach" I'm surprised they haven't been put on the market before now!

Erik Baird
Yep, those are the disposable sunglasses you get from an optometrist. As mentioned, you get the shades when your eyes are dilated. Without them, a moderately sunny day is painfully blinding for the few hours it takes for your eyes to recover from the dilation agent.
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