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Full Version: Hyper quick ghoul question
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The Shuhite
In case the tag doesn't work this is about SR3

So ghouls get +1 running mod. Lets say you made a ghoul character with kid stealth legs, or better, satyr legs from Year of the Comet (pretty sure they're identical), to get the +1 running mod from that. Should these stack or is that too stupid for words.
They stack, yes. The fun really starts when you put this on an Initiated Horse Shaman.

Don't forget to put cyberskates in your Kid Stealth legs.

Ghoul changeling seems kind of ridiculous honestly, but I guess SURGE doesn't confer infection protection.
Yeah, a Ghoul (X4) Satyr (X5) with Kid Stealth Legs (X6) and Cyber Skates (X7) under the effect of a force 6 spirit's movement power and has a Quickness of 7 on the legs can skate along at 294 meters per combat turn, or around 220mph. Not sure how actually useful that is, but skating faster than some airplanes is amusing. Sadly, there's no rules for picking up a lance and just running at people.

No need for SURGE btw, as Satyrs already existed in Shadowrun Companion.

Satyr legs and Kid Stealth legs obviously wouldn't stack - one is a modification of the runner's legs, and the other is a complete leg replacement. Satyr legs + celerity would stack, though.
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