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Full Version: Vulnerability
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Okay I've touched on this topic before but it's never been answered to my satisfaction.

As I understand it the runners comanion makes several references to vulnerability which I can find no rules for because this was cut out of the final copy but the references were not (way to screw up catalyst! BTW I still say catalyst is the best rpg company ever. Except for this you guys crap gold)

So has anyone seen an official errata yet that gives me the rules to what vulnerability is?

cause whenever I see that come up I have no Idea what to do.....
QUOTE (Running Wild)
Vulnerability (Mundane)
Creatures with a vulnerability to a specific substance take additional damage from weapons made of the substance. Increase the Damage Value of all attacks with the substance by 2. Weapons made of a substance to which the creature is vulnerable bypass any Immunities that it may have. Damage taken from a substance to which the creature is vulnerable cannot be healed by Regeneration or magic.
Which actually means that Shifters take +6 DV from weapons made of Silver... And can't Regen it....
ouch...okay werewolf player will be unhappy to hear that. lol
Doc Chase
That doesn't mean every mook in the 'Plex is going to start sporting Lone Ranger rounds, though. nyahnyah.gif That stuff's expensive!
A good GM will bring it into play initially very rarely, and as you build a rep, it'll show up more often as people will know how to deal with you.

If every ganger and his friend has silver bullets, then the GM is punishing the player unnecessarily.

Just some things to remember.
Doc Chase
Are you kidding? I'd have a rash of thefts in B/A-rated zones as gangers and desperate Barrens-dwellers start raiding the rich people's jewelry for bullet castings because of stuff like the Full Moon Killings. biggrin.gif

"Bellvue's seen a rash of breakins lately."
"FFFFFFF I'll be in my bunk."
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