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Full Version: Binding Spirits and Background Counts
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An area's background count reduces the force of all spirits who enter it by an amount equal to its absolute value. So.. what happens if you try to bind such a force reduced spirit? Example: I summon a Force 6 spirit, and then move it into an area with a background count of 3. It's now a Force 3 spirit, and I try to bind it as such.

This raises a host of issues. Firstly, after I finish binding the spirit (using its lowered force) and it leaves the area with the background count, what happens? Do I still have a bound spirit with the same number of services as I scored on my binding test, despite the fact that its force is now higher?

Can I bind a spirit whose force is reduced from a background count, while being outside it myself? The RAW seems unclear on the physical distance requirements for binding a spirit; if I set up my binding materials inside a shack with a background count, put the spirit inside, and then step outside into the background count-free exterior, can I attempt to bind it while using both my full binding pool and its lowered force?

What about in the case of mana static? The background count from it fades at a rate of 1 per hour; given that both the length of the binding ritual and the difficulty of the test depend on the force of the spirit (which is increasing as the mana static fades), what the heck happens?

Anything written on this subject in the books, or is this all house rule territory?
AFB, but assuming the rules don't cover it (which I suspect they don't) here's my take:

The spirit is hampered and weaker within the background count so it makes sense that it would be more easily bound in these circumstances. Bound is bound, so after leaving the area I would rule that the binding stands with the same number of services achieved.

Physical distance is a complete GM call. I'd allow it in LOS, but within reason. However, if the magician were outside the background count I would still impose the penalty on him as though he were in it because he's a dirty powergamer he's working directly with something that is.

With mana static, for simplicity's sake, count the spirit's force as what it would be at the end of the ritual. The fact that it starts weaker is kinda balanced by the magician having to keep up with a non-constant force [end hand-wave].

An important consideration, though, is that subjecting his spirits to background count to make it easier to enslave them will lower the magician's reputation in the spirit world rather noticeably.
Page 118 of Street Magic gives us some guidelines for the use of Magic in an area of background count. Based on those guidelines, I think there are at least two considerations for determining the effect of projecting a magical effect such as Binding into an area of background count.

First, how defined is the edge of the area of background count? Does it go from zero to max in 1 mm, or does it slowly rise? If the latter, how far away does the magician have to be in order to be totally free of the effects? Astral perception is affected by bacground count, so standing far away would entail a negative modfier to the magician's ability to target the spirit for any effect.

Second, there is a link between the summoned spirit and the magician, which is integral to the binding process. You cannot Bind a spirit without Summoning it yourself first. That link can be traced astrally from spirit to magician, and is of a similar permanency to sustained spells, barriers, wards, etc., all of which are described in the section on page 118 as being affected by being in a background count. If the spirit is in the area of background count, so is the link to it. Following this line of thinking, I would say that attempting to Bind that spirit, even from outside the area of background count, would entail the negative modifier. A GM intent on finding every angle to stick it to the PC may even say that if the magician is in the background count, not only is the link reduced, but so is the magician's Magic Attribute, giving a double whammy negative modifier to the Binding attempt.

This may be the attitude adopted by a GM who sees the attempt to Bind a spirit inside a background count by a PC, either inside or outside that background count, as an attempt by the player to circumvent the ... spirit of the rules.
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