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One of the things I love most about the shadowrun universe is that is there's simply so much that you can explore. You can have an entire game based around something other than being Joe Shadowrunner/Jane Assassin. What have all of you seen, out there & enjoyed? Was it something based out of an old sourcebook? (Missions, Shadows of the Underworld, Cyberpirates) Or was it something home-brewed and never really touched before in the Shadowrun line? Give us lots of details folks, is there anythign along that line that you'd particularly enjoy seeing covered down the road?
Large Mike

I voted street-level. If you want to know why, see 'The Bleeding Edge'.
I ran a Docwagon HTR team once, it was a blast to GM.

-Mike R.
I'm in a Merc campaign right now and GMing a plain ordinary person campaign (relatively speaking). Gotta say, though, I prefer the Shadowrunning style more than the mercing or folksing a lot of the time...

Best campaign ever: the NPCs are the band (think Josie and the Pussycats). We are their crew (PCs are sound/lighting tech, manager, and roadie). It was just excellent RPing. No terrorists, no B&E, no scandal cover-ups-- the game (one shot, for 7 hours) was just living lives which are alien to us.

Of course, the roadie (my character) had the burning hotties for the band's drummer. Needless to say, the GM spins it so that I have to "babysit" the girls on a night out on the town. Now, the drummer girl is the dark brooding type. My character is the dark and brooding type. We get along. We chill in the back of the club. We talk. It looks like this is going to be the PC's big chance.

And then I remember: I'm not looking deeply into the eyes of a brunette babe-- I'm looking at my GM, _thinking_ of the pretty girl I want to be with. I just lost it, laughing. It was the most pathetic gaming moment of my life. Still, an awesome adventure.
The Best non-running run I had was when a buddy and I did some merc work down in azzy territory. We both played spell-slinging snipers/conjurers. The character was the munchiest character I ever played, but it was still fun because of the different local and interesting experiences we had. Because of the merc aspect I could get away with weird metatypes and I created the freakiest albino wakyambi elf shaman with all sorts of snake paraphanalia.
Kanada Ten
Anime Superhero Style!

Bustin' clone gangs around the world! Ph34r my Angel Jump!
I once played in a game where the team was a special forces team for Lone Star. It ROCKED. We hunted down all the biggest and baddest threats to Seattle.
Maybe we'll meet someday.
My partner and I are waiting.

I ran a one-PC private eye campaign for over a year. Eventually, things got out of hand and the character got reluctantly thrust into the shadows (and the regular shadowrunner campaign,) but he's still an average joe at heart and wants to return to a normal life. It's the core of the character. He REFUSES to refer to himself as a shadowrunner, even though it's now been years.
My favorites are law enforcement and policlubbers/terrorists.
Digital Heroin
I'm all about gritty street games. Sure, it's cool to be slick, but living by the skin of your ass is what it's all about. That, and there was no "games run by Large Mike" option... biggrin.gif

As for the policlub/terror bit, why anyone would ejoy playing a bigot or fanatic is beyond me...
TerraFirst is a policlub, and I wouldn't mind playing a session or two as a group of their type.

Policlub =/= Humanis.

Then again, I know a bloke or two from Bama who might find it funny to play a humanis policlubber for a while....
QUOTE (Digital Heroin)
As for the policlub/terror bit, why anyone would ejoy playing a bigot or fanatic is beyond me...

It doesn't necessarily have to be a bigoted or fanatic Policlub, it could very well be something along the lines of MetaRights/Protection (Ghoul rights, anyone?) or like RangeJoe said, an Environmental based org. smile.gif

Sometimes playing someone with conviction is refreshing, and no one has more conviction than a bigot/fanatic.

Conversely, sometimes playing someone with a conviction is refreshing. Has anyone done a jail-break based campaign?
Currently playing a fairly standard shadowrunner campaign and a t-bird smuggling campaign concurrently. The smuggling campaign is lots of fun, though it can get slow sometimes as the players tend to make their own way rather than relying on direct employment in shadow work (though they take proper 'jobs' when the cash is low).

Lotsa fun.
I actually play a lot of bigots. Mostly in D&D though, I guess I have such a strong hatred for elves that it shows through in a lot of my characters.

I'm sorta in a merc style game...we haven't plaid in a while, but we might continue it's based of the computer game of excom...little to no roleplaying, but it's kinda nifty...I usually play sneaky spell slinger physicaly weak types in campaigns with as little firefighting as's kinda cool to play something that can actually dish out some punishment as well as take a few know you've been playing wizards too long when the concept of rolling multiple initiative dice seems somehow wrong to you *l*
QUOTE (Kagetenshi)
I'm in a Merc campaign right now and GMing a plain ordinary person campaign (relatively speaking). Gotta say, though, I prefer the Shadowrunning style more than the mercing or folksing a lot of the time...


You don't like our game? frown.gif frown.gif frown.gif
QUOTE (CirclMastr)
QUOTE (Kagetenshi @ Mar 10 2004, 09:10 AM)
I'm in a Merc campaign right now and GMing a plain ordinary person campaign (relatively speaking). Gotta say, though, I prefer the Shadowrunning style more than the mercing or folksing a lot of the time...


You don't like our game? frown.gif frown.gif frown.gif

Don't get me wrong, I really like our game; however, it's entirely based on a single gimmick that, put plainly, rocks. A gimmickless Runner game would be more fun than a gimmickless ordinary person campaign.

I'm not making myself clear in the least, but hopefully you understand.

Hey, I thought our game had two gimmicks wink.gif

Gimmickless, yeah, I can imagine it wouldn't be as much fun. Then again, you could always try making an Office Space RPG biggrin.gif
If you like the Shadowrunner universe, and are interested in things not necessarily related to a "shadowrun," keep your eye on The True Facade - which some of you might still remember from way back - for a new opening sometime soon!
Die blaue Reiterin
A question...

My gm started a new campaign where we get to play Seader-krupp Prime agents. Our performance is rather rock-bottom, as far as S-k prime's standards go. Methinks the fact that my character ( physical mage/ face ) is a drake does help a lot to save the team's ass. Oh, so does the 7cha, 7nego, 5 corp etiquette... ; )

It's obvious that we're not good enough for Prime... we're there because someone pulled some strings. They're not really giving us assignments worthy of Prime, just easy stuff so we won't mess up. I guess my character is there because she's just so opportunistic and power-hungry. The promotion to Prime was obviously a good way to keep her satisfied for a while ( and not thinking about runnin' away or stealing something big... ), and to make sure she'll end up loyal to Seader-krupp ( think of the glamour associated with Prime, the right to yell orders and boss people around and the big, fat paycheck. One gets used to that. ).

Just askin'.... do you think there's a way for this rather poor, unfortunate and rather pissed-off drake to escape Seader-krupp and live to tell the tale ?

She's form Technotitlan's poorest sector, a street kid turned gang leader. She obviously lost all her street-level contacts and is has been confined to Rhine-Rhur ( sp ? ) for nearly two years now. She seems to need medical check-ups every so often ( just bad health or carcerhands - odds are both ). Blood samples for ritual sorcery are often taken. I know for sure that someone higher up in the corporate ladder wants her to join a Seader-krupp security initiation group and write a thesis ( ritual material ahoy ! ). Bad thing, she's completely computer illiterate ( never bothered to learn and the corp seemed quite happy with it ) and, as thus, need almost constant help from fellow teammates. She's presently stuck bossing Seader-krupp's desert war team in Lybia and, since it is highly publicized, you can bet that soon her face will be everywhere ( and she is just wayyyy too arrogant to have it changed later on ). She does have some money on the side, though ( about 200'000 nuyens ).

Any idea ?

St : 4
B : 2 ( raised to 4. Increased body + 2 on a focus )
Qk : 4
C : 7
I : 6
W : 7

important skills ( active and knowledge, in no apparent order, as I remember them )

Intimidation 5
sorcery 6
conjuring 3
etiquette : corp 5
etiquette : street 3 ( due to too much time locked up in the corporate world )
finance : 1
magical theory :6
Rhine-Rhur : 5
Nego : 7
Shotgun : 3
Edged weapon : 3

Increased reflexes + 3 and increased reaction on foci. Armor and spell shield on foci.

Adept power : true sight and mystic armor.

Iniate grade 1 ( to increase the level of adept powers). Metamagic not yet learnt. Maybe centering.
I had to vote Ganger because the only other thing other than runner I've done yet is Ganger, which is an active campaign of mine. I once tried to get players into being Lone Star, and when they refused, they started heading for Ares Firewatch track. I want to do a doc wagon campaign sometime, but it's all up to the players. I always thought playing Lone Star from the Police Academy up would be awesome! nyahnyah.gif right now my gangers got their first BIG haul, and started getting wired up. so looks like we'll be doing some SR'ing soon.
Kanada Ten
Die blaue Reiterin, faking the death is about the only way. You'll need to lose the material link though... there maybe a way... It would require making a deal with a spirit, me thinks.

Visiting an astral rift would be the best bet on finding such a spirit. Go wherever the rift leads and ask how to escape the grasp of Lofwyr at the Citadel. The spirit there may have an answer (that your GM thinks might work). Failing that...
I voted ganger because those were the most fun (done two, one incharge, one subjected to), but I've run A LoneStar game, and did a Merc one-shot, and NPCd a great "Pedestrian" game, aka (Wo)man-on-the-street game.

Honestly, the Pedestrian game was the most fun. Hide-and-seek with some random guy who paid you to find them in downtown Albuquerque with only a picture and a name to go on!
Large Mike

You're basically telling him (or her) to jump in D's death-rift? Nuh-uh. Won't do it, can't make me. Let's tally up what has come out of that rift. 1) Ghostwalker. 2) Shedim. 3) Nobody that ever entered it. Count me out.

I'd rather deal with a powerful spirit to go on an astral quest first.

Or just use reverse ritual sorcery to off the samples and thesis.
Kanada Ten
Or just use reverse ritual sorcery to off the samples and thesis.

That would kind of give it away, neh?

You're basically telling him (or her) to jump in D's death-rift?

There are many other rifts, including the Aurora Borealis. The deal with a powerful spirit is pretty much the same thing... sending you through an Astral Gateway. Would you trust the spirit to keep the gate open?
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