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Full Version: SR3 ritual tracking with wards.
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SR3 ritual tracking with wards.

Under the SR3 ritual magic rules, and further the astral tracking the sequence ruins as follows.

Ritual team makes targeting test.
Ritual teams spotter uses astral tracking to find target.
The target (or those around him) has a chance to notice the link before the spotter arrives if he is astraly preserving.

So far so good. The problem is wards (and other astral barriers). Which if any of the rolls will be made more difficult. What about if the target moves into a warded location on noticing the link.
The TN increase is on the Linking/Targeting Test, not on the Sending Test (or Sorcery Test where applicable). This has the possibly-unfortunate consequence that the first opportunity the victim has to notice the test (after a successful Linking Test) is too late to do anything about it. I believe this contradicts some of the fiction, but the only easy fix I can see would be to record the exact results of the Linking Test and reduce the number of successes should the individual flee to within a warded area.

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