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Full Version: Enhanced Senses
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So I was looking through the shapeshifter section in Runner's Companion and noticed that almost all of them have enhanced senses of some kind. Now, the effects of this skill are sometimes obvious (i.e. enhanced senses (thermographic vision) would just mean that they have natural thermographic vision) but what does something like "Enhanced Senses (Hearing/Smell/Taste)" mean with respect to dice. In the SR4 core book, it doesn't mention any specific bonuses. So does this power actually do anything?
It can mean extended range (hearing is often higher and/or lower frequencies), or it can just mean that sense is more 'available' for use. On a normal human, scent is much less commonly available for a Perception test than for a werewolf.
QUOTE (Running Wild)
Many enhanced senses provide additional senses that the creature did not have before. These senses are treated as natural, unaugmented senses when determining modifiers for Perception Tests. When a critter has enhanced senses for a sense that it would normally possess, such as Enhanced Hearing for a hell hound, it receives a +2 dice pool modifier to Perception Tests. An enhanced sense may also provide the critter with new uses for skills. Enhanced Scent, for example, allows a trained critter to track a person or prey by scent alone.
I see, that makes sense. So for a wolf shifter, when he makes a smell test, he might come up with "blood from something down the street" whereas the human would probably come up with "whatever's directly in front of you." Okay, that makes sense, but I think I'd still give my runners at least a +1 or something, to that particular sense, just to put it in numbers.
Well, if you read the quote, they get +2. smile.gif Rules for scent tracking are in Running Wild, by the way.
wow I'm retarded. For some reason I saw your quote, and assumed you were quoting my previous post. Didn't even read it... lol thanks.
sigh, double post, my bad.
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