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I'm looking for some pointers regarding campaign missions from published SR4/A material.

I started with SR1 when it was first published back in the day, and ran a very successful, long running campaign through most of 2nd and 3rd editions. Although I do like to make published adventures my own when using them in a campaign, and will flesh things out with original material, I am a bit time-starved when it comes to prep. So when running SR, I really do like to recycle as many published adventure sources as possible to keep ahead of the curve. My original campaign used most of the adventures published in the 90's, either in pieces or in whole. This most notably included the Harlequin missions. The last time we pulled the old crew out of retirement was about 6 or 7 years ago for Survival of the Fittest, which fit very well into the old campaign.

Since then I've been gaming in other lands, under the harsh sun of foreign rule systems. I've been asked to consider returning to the shadows, but I am completely done with that old campaign, and wasn't seeing anything new that piqued my interest until recently. I came across the Dawn of the Artifacts books, and I have to admit that would be a fun twist to inflict on my players with a completely new team of PCs. Since it looks like CGL will actual get all four books out the door, I'm looking for other sources of development and lead-in missions for a campaign outline. But I'm pretty new to SR4, and still finding my way around.

I've absolutely identified the Missions seasons as a potential gold mine, but I'll leave that topic for the appropriate sub-forum. So, outside of Missions, what are the current sources of published adventure material? Ghost Cartels is clearly a significant source, but that seems to be the only other dedicated adventure book for SR4/A. I also saw hooks and outlines in some of the setting books (Corporate Enclaves comes to mind). There seems to be strong support in 4th edition for splatbooks and setting porn (not that there's anything wrong with that!), but not so much for actual plotted and mapped adventure products. Am I missing something?

Mercy Buckets!
Beyond missions:

DOTA series of adventures
Ghost Cartels

I think there may be some PDF only adventures as well--but that might just be the missions.
Thanks heaps for the reply! Much appreciated.

I hadn't looked at Emergence yet, thinking it was a splat. Clearly it's not. Now that I am looking into it more, I have to say.., whew, ouch. I was half-joking with my earlier crack about setting porn, and I like shadowtalk as much as anyone, but that's some pretty slim pickin's.

Not to harsh on anyone's favorite book with badwrongfun, or anything. wobble.gif

So, as a follow-up, is there any late-3rd edition adventure material that anyone thinks could be (or has) repurposed for use in a 2070s timeline?
THe missions would be a good start, though you could always convert old 2nd ed adventures.

Part of the reason for this lack of written adventures is the decision some time back to focus on the core books and then source books. Emergence and Ghost Cartels are interesting though in that the campaign is very freeform. The DOTA series however is more like what you are used to seeing in 1st to third ED. There is also On the Run, an introductory adventure for SR4. But I disliked how rail-roady it was written.

Ghost Cartels at least has maps, NPCs, etc. I haven't read it in detail yet, but my only concern with it so far is the role of the PCs. While my players get the whole criminal-mercenary thing only too well, if I had to generalize their attitude from the old campaign, it would be "doing very bad things for a good (not-bad) cause." I'm not sure they'd be too interested in facilitating some of the endgame missions. That just means I will probably need to subvert elements of the plot as written, and twist it around a bit. At least there is concrete material to work with. Emergence is simply lacking in this regard.

I will absolutely be leveraging Missions. Season 4 can't come out soon enough! grinbig.gif
QUOTE (Kurt-O-Matic @ Nov 11 2010, 04:32 PM) *
I will absolutely be leveraging Missions. Season 4 can't come out soon enough! grinbig.gif

Working on it! smile.gif

I'm writing the first Season 4 Mission, and since I can't dev my own work, it's currently in Jason's hands, in line behind a print product. Then I do another draft, it'll get proofed, hit layout, and then... Fingers Crossed... it will be out "Soon" (I'll keep with CGLs policy of not giving release dates, but we've been pretty good about making our Monthly Quota, and well... SRM 03-12 should release befor ethe end of the month, and is the last Season 3 adventure, so... wink.gif)

Anyway, glad to hear you're looking forward to it! smile.gif

We're currently working our way through the first Artifact adventure in our home game, and it's been fun.

We also started in on Ghost Cartels, but that's pretty heavily involved with dealing with the crime cartels, and we kinda got fed up with them, so we bailed after the first set of adventures, rather than get in deeper. (We also went to ground in LA, so that should tell ya something smile.gif).

Awesome, thanks for the reply, Bull. I'll watching the Missions forum for news.

One of the things I liked about DOTA, was the globe-trotting element, and even in the early-goings of a new campaign, I want to emphasize a travel theme. Having the players collect contacts, safe-houses, etc., in multiple cities cranks up the challenge a bit. At the end of old campaign, the PCs were hauling all their (massive) kit around in a huge cargo jet (speed enhanced via high-level conjuration). It will be fun to make them try this on a smaller budget, LOL.

So I like that seasons 2 & 3 are in Denver and NYC, respectively. Still, I'd like some mods written for Seattle to mix in there. I haven't spent much time with Season 0 & 1, but I'm pretty pleased with the handful of Season 2 & 3 mods I've looked at so far. I've spent the last couple of years participating in RPGA living campaign games, so I'm cognizant of some of the design challenges for the four-hour format. I like the look of the current SRM mods; looking forward trying them out.

MOAR PLZ! wink.gif
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