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Full Version: Peel and Stick Flexible Armor Panels
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-- Check it out:
Whoa! That stuff ROCKS! I wanna get some for my dune buggy!
Crusher Bob
Um, stuff like this has been around forever.

Also, plently of Police departments will put old BP vests into the spaces of the doors of thier cars. It's esentially free (the vest would be thrown away otherwise) and it's better than nothing.

Remember that your car body has penty of extra space to cram armor into.
Austere Emancipator
Additionally, the page you linked to makes false claims. For example, it says "It is capable of withstanding armor piercing rounds up to the common NATO 7.62 AP round." The certification that bit links to is for a 7.62x51mm NATO M80 Ball/FMJ round, which is certainly not Armor Piercing.

The second link, for a witness testimonial on the .50, actually says "This letter is [...] not intended to be used for any advertisement purposes." And if those panels actually did stop .50BMG FMJs reliably, you'd think they would have gotten them tested.

The principle is certainly handy, however.
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