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Just got finished updating my old Shadowrun 2nd Edition source sheets. They're basically a collection of most commonly used tables, I find them a real help at times.

The sheets are really meant for the GM, but there is enough stuff on it to be handy for a player as well. The sheets cover a lot of things that occurs a decent amount of the time, which I don't want to keep stopping play while I look up to clarify a fact or what not.

Examples would be firearm ranges, combat modifers, handling test stuff, visibility tables, biotech rolls and so on. Lots of stuff.

Anyhow, a word or two of warning. The sheets ARE for me, meaning that they contain a few house rules here and there, which obviously could be a problem to the newbie DM who won't notice the changes. Although the house rules aren't extensive and the sheets can be used regardless.

Uhm.. what else. Oh yeah, I'm not really looking for opinions, but if anyone does download the sheet and has any suggestions, I'm open to comment. Although I do general ignore (publicly) a certain degree of critism, but I listen never-the-less.

Now, they're made in Microsoft Word, I don't know what that works for or what, so bear that in mind. What else...?

Oh yeah, since updating and changing (alot) the 2nd edition sheets to 3rd edition, I haven't actually printed them out yet. The second edition sheets pushed beyond the normal border of a piece of A4 paper, although my old copies printed fine, so I'm hoping these will as well. If they don't for whatever reason, they'll be adjusted as soon as I can (which'll be soon, I want these ready for tomorrow night).

Now, anything else... hmmm.. I'll probably remember something else in a minute, oh well.

Here's the link (and I've never linked from DS before, so I hope it works)

Shadowrun Third Edition Reference Sheet

I guess that's it. If anyone does download it, lemme know what you think and if there should be anything else on the table. I've just been scanning the book and adding in things that are (or could be) important. I may well have missed something.

Thanks in advance,

- Baatorian
I like these. A lot. Good job.
Frag-o Delux
They are pretty sweet. Thanks.
The sheets have just been updated with a few things that were annoying me and a tad bit extra. Nothing serious.

Download link remains the same, see the first post.

- Baatorian
QUOTE (Baatorian)
The sheets have just been updated with a few things that were annoying me and a tad bit extra.

Looks interesting.
But as I'm not using MS Office (I prefer the layout isn't displayed correctly, tables overlapping etc.
Could you perhaps make a PDF of the DOC?
Good tables, what book(s) has the Lone Star reaction tables in? Is it already reprinted by Fanpro?
Ninku, you're looking for "New Seattle". I have no idea if Fanpro's repirinted it yet.
Actually.. I think I dragged those tables from the London Sourcebook, if I remember correct. Although I believe there are identical tables in New Seattle.

I'll get a PDF sorted out now, no problem.

- Baatorian

Edit: Here's the PDF format. It's a bit funky at the moment, since I don't have a giant amount of time and used a crappy post script, but it's not too bad, it'd at least let you see what everything is and what not.

Shadowrun Third Edition Reference Sheet PDF
QUOTE (Baatorian)
Shadowrun Third Edition Reference Sheet PDF

Ah, now it looks as it should.
Nice work!
Alright, well I was pretty busy earlier on and I've just had a good look over the PDF file, and even got someone to print it and check for quality (Kudos to SilverSerpent).

Looks like the printed quality isn't that great, and I must admit it looks horrible in Adobe. Does anyone out there know of a decent Postscript Printer that I can use. I had a decent one a while back, but I had a system failure and can't remember which one it was.

I'd appreciate it if anyone could point out a particular printer to install and use.


- Baatorian
Nice job
QUOTE (Baatorian)
I'd appreciate it if anyone could point out a particular printer to install and use.

In the past I used some HP LaserJet driver included in Win98SE combined with Ghostscript 8 (IIRC).
Today I simply use the built-in PDF-export function of OpenOffice...
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