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Full Version: Bola Launcher Capacity
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Looking to mount the underbarrel bola launcher (Arsenal, p.33) but I don't see out how many rounds it holds. Am I just blind? Is there an update out there that shows this?

Has no one ever fired one of these? nyahnyah.gif
I don't see an indication anywhere, checked the errata too. I wouldn't imagine it would hold more than one though.
That's because it holds one round.
Thanks - that works well enough. While I'm at it, anyone know the range for the Fichetti Pain Inducer?
It's crazy, the grapple gun doesn't say how many rounds either! wink.gif
Good question.

Best I can come up with is basing it off the Shiawase Microwave Cannon from Arsenal, which uses the same rules for how it operates, and uses SMG ranges.
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