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Full Version: Camera in the back of the head
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I guess it is still a bit inconvenient with the shoulder bag computer he needs to carry around but what do you think of it?

How would you do something like that in SR? As a drone? Or a cyber eye?
I can't imagine the human brain can handle images that are so far apart without problems so I guess having some sort of sensor soft running on it and jumping into it via VR if it alarms you of something might be the best idea. grinbig.gif
I seem to recall there being a special 'oddly positioned cybereye' cyberware in Augmentation.

What I don't understand is why the guy had the camera surgically implanted as opposed to wearing something that put the camera behind him. Ah well.

And is it just me, or do the 'privacy concerns' seem kind of stupid? "Oh no, we can't have students being seen in class!"
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