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Full Version: Comprehensive collection of examples?
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J. Packer
My search-fu failed me, so please don't beat me too heavily about the head and shoulders if this is an FAQ...

I'm looking for some examples of the various rolls that one would likely find oneself making in the game. Yes, the books have a few sprinkled here and there, but there's no real example cache for spellcasting, for instance, that includes the effects of various foci, fetishes and the like.

Does such a resource exist?
I contributed to a thread that tried to become a collection of examples (which me reminds me now that i owe this thread a multi initiative pass example! when the thread was still active i was too shocked that i got the recoil rules wrong)

Error in my example are that the mage would have gotten full dodge for all tests and recoil should have been slightly different.
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