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Full Version: Character Creation Help? [SR4 Core Only]
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I'm making a character for a new Shadowrun game we're running, but I don't know what to make (or how to make it).

I definitely want to play a magic type, but I don't know if I want to be a Straight Mage, a Straight Adept, or a Mystic Adept. I like the idea of being ridiculously strong and tough without the use of cyberware, but I -also- like the idea of being reasonably intelligent, and I've enjoyed messing with Trid Phantasm in the past (though my last SR4 Game fizzled out due to lack of DM, so I've never been in combat. D:).

So... yeah. I need advice...

One thing: I can only use stuff from Core. Possession is right out. No Drakes. No Variant Metatypes. No powers from Street Magic at creation.
Do you know what the general powerscale of the game is going to be? Is it a 'Street' level game where you'll be messing with gangers and rent-a-cops? or are you goign to be dealing with midlevel corprec right out of the gate? Also, I am assuming 400bp creation, and when you say Core, that also means non of the Qualities (neg or pos) from the other books as well.

Well, Troll and Orc both pay for themselves in attribute minimums, and can make decent mages, just bear the following things in mind:

A troll is not going to be a top-notch summoner, nor a decent charisma based tradition. Especially without Runner's Companion for the Metagenics Quality. However, there are a couple good Intuition based traditions out there that could be a lot of fun, and nothing says reasoned, intelligent character like Hermetic Mage.

Don't cap your attributes at character generation. I have never found it to be worth the points. Magic 5, Willpower 5, and your drain stat at 4 is going to carry you a long way - don't sweat the couple of dice capping would get you unless you are going to be in a super hardcore game from the very start. As a Troll Mage you'll be strapped for points enough as it is. Especially when a rating 1 or 2 power focus is just 6-10 points.

A Ork Adept is a kick-ass concept - Stat-wise they are great coming out of the gate, and they only get better. Not having access to the Martial Arts from Arsenal hurts some, but it's not going to kill you. A Troll Mage is pretty bad ass too, and not many people expect it.

Mystic Adepts are tough to make, especially without some of the other options, and I certainly wouldn't advocate one for a beginning player (which it sounds like maybe you are? Sorry if I am incorrect)

Dwarves make excellent mages with their 'higher than everyone else' willpower, and have good physical stats as well, and therefore good adepts as well. If you were going to go with Mystic Adept, a dwarf is not a bad option for race. Not the physical powerhouse of an ork or troll, but nothing to sneeze at.

For a Street level game, 8-10 dice out of the gate for your primary stuff is a good ball park to shoot for. that means an attribute of 4-5 and a skill of 4-5. Don't be afraid to 'not cap' and grab the skill groups for Sorcery and Conjuring. 4's are nothing to scoff at, and it'll save you some points. You don't need a Spellcasting of 6 to start. Also don't feel like you have to cap your spells either. You can start with up to Spellcasting x 2, but at 3 bp a pop, that adds up quick when trying to hit 10 or 12. A good rounded list would include Manabolt (cliche, but for a reason) and/or Powerbolt or Stunbolt; Manaball or Powerball (I usually go with Stunbolt and Powerball); Physical Mask, Chaotic World, Heal, and possibly Analyze Truth as the basis for any caster list, and then add on or customize for flavor as needed. You like Trid Phantasm - so add that in as well and you have a nice rounded spell list that can grow with the character. It's a bit cliche of course, but for good reason - some of the most utilitarian spells in the game right there. You can go with some less cliche combat spells. Lightning bolt is great - electrical damage is pretty bad ass. Just be careful on the higher drain codes of those spells, and your (potentially) not-optimized drain stats.

As far as an adept, the ork gun-fu adept is pretty sweet and easy to build, and doesn't require anything from the other books to make really viable.

Other skills to at least put points in for a mage are Assence, and Arcana. And Perception is kind of a must for any Shadowrunner.
I don't think the campaign is street level. The DM hasn't clarified yet, but I definitely don't thing it's street level.

...I actually kind of was leaning toward Troll Adept. Though a hermetic mage might be cool...
Okay! So let's see. Troll Combat Mage...

I can do that.

How does that look?
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