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Full Version: real life "hacker" toy
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this looks like a first gen variant of a device a SR hacker would pull out of his bag to get into a office network during a run.
that's one ugly mobile wifi hotspot O.o
Actually i think it is a serial console extender, so that some admin can tweak cisco switches and similar without being physically present.
OK, didn't have time to read through it all before . .
Just saw something that looked like a small router with wifi and 3G connectivity.
yep, i made the same mistake when initially posted.

Would be funny to stuff something like that into a ethernet port somewhere, and slip it behind a desk.

I think i even read about network printers being doctored to act as hotspots recently. Nice way to get around the firewall.
But what good would it do you?
So you get around the hardware firewall, there's probably some stuff directly on the machine too.
Furthermore, you can't use more than one webbernets connection at once either . .
But yes, not needing to install anything because it runs through thernet/lan has it's upside.
Traffic sniffing? Even switched networks are at risk thanks to arp poisoning.
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