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Full Version: Improved Invisibility and Security Cameras
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Here's a quick question for you guys. We're currently in the midst of a run, and my mage would like to cast Improved Invisibility on some of my fellow runners to hide them from cameras. Cameras can't resist improved invisibility. What about the person watching what the camera displays. Can they roll against the spell, or can they just not see the target?
to my knowledge they cant spot you...but thats just how we run it...not necessarily how the rules dictate...
A Clockwork Lime
As far as I'm aware, they can't see you at all. The spell effectively deletes your image from the camera, so the information never makes it to the people watching through them.
They cannot roll to try to see you through the camera. II defeats cameras with ease (F1 with 1 success'll do it).

The camera cannot physically see you. There is no way a man, looking at the monitor fed from a camera which cant see you, can see you. In fact, you cannot be seen by any technological means that was not paid for by essence with the exception of a fiber optic system, because it doesnt count as technological.
But the guyat the end of that fibreoptic system cannot see you because you are using Improved Invisibility, not Technology-only Invisibility.
Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (toturi)
But the guyat the end of that fibreoptic system cannot see you because you are using Improved Invisibility, not Technology-only Invisibility.

If he succeeds his resistance test, he can see you well enough.
Unless he makes his roll.

[Edit]Too slow.
Right, which is why I said CAN be seen instead of WILL be seen, as in there is the possibility.
Question (apologies if this has been asked before, I'm sure it has) - if someone wearing a cloak (I can hear you groaning at the back there) is made invisible, can they pick things up afterwards and hide them under the cloak, or does the newly picked up object remain visible, floating in the air? In which case, what happens if the character eats something?

Herald of Verjigorm
For some reason that is an oft debated question.

One side states that the spell is cast "around" the subject, so anything that is put within that "around" also becomes invisible.
The other side argues that the spell only makes the subject invisible.
So then if you drop something does it become visible? smile.gif

If I cast invisibility on myself then shoot somone does the bullet inside thier wound stay invisible as long as I sustain the spell, thus making it quite a bit more difficult to remove smile.gif

I say if it's smaller than a breadbox it becomes invisible, and anything you drop (including blood) becomes visible.

I recently played in a game where I was invisible sneaking up on a guy when one of my team mates very messily killed him spraying me with blood. The blood turned invisible as it hit me leaving a my silhouette in blood on the wall, and bloody footsteps for a couple minutes. That was amusing anyhow.
Large Mike

But one of the classic invisibility spoils is to fill the room with baking powder or blood or something. I'd say whatever was on the person at the time of invisibility is invisible, and anything put inside something invisible is effectivly invisible, (i.e. under clothes, eaten, etc.) although remains visible beneath the invisible thing. If that made any sense.

Anything dropped would become visible, imho.
Herald of Verjigorm
I vaguely remember heated debates (read: flaming) about what happens when you try to hide a kitten under your coat.

I typically agree with the perspective stated by Rev and Large Mike, but there are people in these forums who zealously interpret the rules in other manners. Hide from them.
This is just my interpretation:

When you cast the spell, it turns the subject and his gear invisible. At that point The caster sustains the spell maintining it. If the subject picks up something it does not become invisible, as it was not in the spells area of effect when the spell was cast. If the caster drops something it becomes visible, as the spell is NOT area of effect, and only effects the subject of the spell. The dropped item leaves the spell's area of influence.
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