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Is there a quick guide out there for converting Vehicle Speed scores to KPH?

Also, anyone want to take a stab on how long it'd take a light merchant vessel to float from Seattle to Argentinia?

Lastly, the formulae for how much CF drones take up?

Thanks for the brain power smile.gif
If a combat turn is 3 seconds, I don't recall off the top of my head, then multiply vehicle speed by 1.2 to get to kph. In case I'm wrong on trun length, vehicle speed times 3.6 divided by the time of one turn.

Can't help with the others I'm afraid.
Austere Emancipator
A CT is indeed 3 seconds, so just multiply by 1.2.

I thought I'd seen some rules on figuring out CF use of drones in R3, but I just couldn't find it.

Pretty useless, sorry.
p. 62 R3 for drone storage
"[Body + 1.5] x Body, rounded down"
Float as in unpowered and unguided? From Seattle to Argentina? Incredibly unlikely. It'd have to be guided to do that as you'd either have to go through the Panama Canal (impossible to do by just "floating" as there are several manual controls at the canal (thing toll booths) that the ship has to tell the workers on land to open) or down all the way damn near Antartica and around the tip of South America. Magellan had a lot of trouble navigating this little area, so it'd be very unlikely an unguided ship could do it. After that, it'd have to take a 90 degree turn North to get to Argentina.

If it were manned or computer controlled but without power? Probably a few months, I'd say 4-6. If it were fully functional, it could make it in under a month most likely, maybe even just a week or two. Of course these are just estemates which may or may not be accurate at all. But it's close enough for a game unless you have a nautical expert as a player...and feel free to fudge the results whatever way you like. Remember, just because it's incredibly improbable doesn't make it impossible.

The Abstruse One
QUOTE (Nikoli @ Mar 15 2004, 12:30 PM)
p. 62 R3 for drone storage
"[Body + 1.5] x Body, rounded down"

And check the drone stats have a setup/breakdown time - if it has one, then a dissasembled one takes up a third of that space, if you've got time.

(I edited the above to make sense after I dug the book out to check.)
And in case you or anyone needs to look it up again. The speed conversion is on page 132 or SR3, right-hand column, the last paragraph under Speed
Thanks for your responses.

That ship is actually fully operational, sorry about the confusion. I'll just say it takes about a week and see how it 'floats' with my group of nautical engineers smile.gif
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