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Full Version: Military Templates
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I happen to like templates, as guidelines as to what is fitting for characters to have. This will make it easier to tell my players stuff like .. okay, you served in the military, but why don't you have skill such and such.

First of all, perhaps someone has already done this for me to scavenge. I'm looking for templates I can use for characters that have served in a military outfit. So if these already exist, then please point me to it.

If not, then the idea is to set up a series of templates with stuff no military man will be without. And perhaps some to use for specialist troops. The idea behind this is to still go with relative green troops, so these templates should all be able to be taken by characters with about 300 BP.

Also, while it's more efficient to create characters with dump scores, I would think that the requirements for military personnel are to be at least 'average' in all their attributes. So the templates can't be that high in 'cost'.

Thing is, I was looking at things and I'm drawing up blanks as to what the minimum requirements would be to actually be able to call yourself soldier. One thing I do think is that for those not Awakened, a cyberware package with at the least cyber-eyes is ultimately useful for the brass in battlefield conditions.

Anyways, if anyone is up to helping me finish this idea, I'd be appreciative.

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