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Full Version: Program Option Modularity
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Two questions regarding program options from unwired:

1. Can they be enabled/disabled after being purchased or coded, and if yes how long does this take/what test is it? I know copy protection can be, but is there any rule on the others?

2. Can an option be removed from one program and added to another? it sounds silly, but the flavor text calls them modular, so if there's a rule for or against this it would clear a lot up.

They cannot be moved between programs. They can be added or removed (individually, and only individually) by programming (exactly as if upgrading code, requires source code, etc.), but not enabled or disabled (AFAIK). Apart from programming, you have to purchase programs with the options you want, as one item (that's why the Avail/Cost table for them is all +X).

I would allow beneficial options to be 'disabled' as a house rule whenever it wasn't abusive (disabling any negative options, of course, or disabling 'ambivalent' options like Overdrive). Overloading a node with non-Ergonomic programs, is more on the clever side, and intentionally causing an alert by disabling Mute seems fine. smile.gif Certainly the safer and RAW course is to not allow any such manipulation.
1: AFAIK, for actual programs, no, in a fashion. Now if you're a technomancer and have an option permanently part of a complex form then you can opt not to use it whenever you use that complex form (I recall reading this part in Unwired somewhere), but I don't believe this is something you can do with actual software. If that were the case, you could have all of your software Registered whenever you're not on a run so it never degrades, and just hit an icon to switch all of your registrations off when you need to hack a corp node to avoid all those nasty penalties you have to being traced.

2: AFAIK, yes and no. In the very least an option can be removed (like, say, Copy Protection or Registration), but I do not believe you can just move something from one program to another (like moving Optimizing from Armor to Attack) at the spur of the moment.

I couldn't find anything hard core about removing or adding options specifically. It looks like the Advanced Programming Table (Unwired, page 119) is supposed to cover this, so you would be looking at a month of unrushed work at least to remove an option from a program. Makes sense to me that removing any option would take this long, just so you can avoid bugs in the software at least.
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