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Full Version: Matrix RTG/LTG/PLTG Appearances
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Swing Kid
This is just a reference topic, not an opinion one.

I am curious if anyone knows if there is any published information on what some of specific RTG/LTG/PLTG's look like. I understand how it works, I am just curious if anyone has found any specifics (even in the novels) for general appearances.

For instance, if a book mentioned that the Renton grid looked like outer space with all of the SANs looking like stars and planets, that would be useful. I can make up anything I want, but it might be useful if there are references to specifics.

Oh, also any specifics on hosts would be awesome too.
Headed to bed so I can't actually check myself until the morning, but the first suspect that comes to mind would be Target: Matrix.

An unknown black clinic's host is described on p7 of RA:S.

RA:S p14 describes the "public" (Arcology-internal, public to denizens) host, as well as a planned redesign that was presumably cancelled by the building's new operator. Another small part is described on p65. There's some info on a UV host around p68, and the overall SCIRE grid is pictured on p78.

I don't think there was much if any, as they where just way stations between the decker's point of entry and his target.
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