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Full Version: Shadowrun Pdf's and Kindle
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Hey Hey just wanted to ask does anyone have experience with using the new Kindle with the shadowrun 4 pdf's have you experienced any problems ?

Thinking of getting one smile.gif
Yeah, I copied my SR4a core book to my Kindle 2. It works fine, especially since the Kindle was patched to zoom in on PDFs more.

I've used it a couple times for reference when I was away from a computer (which has a PDF copy on it as well).
I have the Kindle DX (9.7" screen) and most of my SR4 books on it in PDF. I didn't care for it as much. It's okay for looking up one thing, but it's terribly slow for multiple references. Since it was really designed for linear reading (as one would read a novel), it doesn't do as well for reference materials unless they have extensive Kindle bookmarking.

I've gone back to my dead trees. I do have the PDFs loaded on my Droid X with the Adobe PDF reader app, and that actually works way better (and faster) for me than the Kindle. I'm starting to look into the Android tablet/pad systems to see if that's a viable alternative, but I'm not sure I want to drop the money on one yet.
e-ink and complex PDFs don't mesh particularly well; LCD tablets will have better PDF performance for awhile longer because they don't have to translate each page of the PDF to B&W every single time a page is rendered.
PDFs work very well on iPads.

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