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Full Version: Attribute caps
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What are the absolute max's of attributes considering augmented max and positive qualities. We will keep it with humans, I keep getting 10? unless I'm reading something wrong. Exceptional attribute, racial max at 6, boost to 7, which gives an additional 3.5 rounded down? to 10. Obviously other races will be able to adjust due to racial bonuses but is that about right?

edit SR4 topic.
You can also have genetic optimization and metagenic improvement, each of which raise the maximum by one. So a human could go to 9 racial max, 13 augmented max.
And you can do all of that on something with bigger maximums, like an elf's charisma, or a troll's strength/body. A troll can reach 6/13(19) in, say, Body, and still also get 5/11(16) in Strength. The Infected already start pretty much higher like that also, with a human ghoul's stats resembling a troll's.
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