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Full Version: Non-Restricted Gear list
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J. Packer
I'm thinking about gearing up a character with a subset of gear that doesn't include anything that could get him into trouble for simple possession. It doesn't include fake credentials, because they're all class F, but I'd like some input on what you think of this loadout for any time, out on the street, not on the job.

Completed Non-Licensed Package

150 Yamaha Pulsar Taser Pistol
100 +Laser Sight
100 +Quick Draw Holster
100 +20 Taser Darts

200 Flash-Pak

5 20 Stealth RFID Tags

1500 Actioneer Business Clothes (5/3)
1750 +Fire Resist 5, Nonconductivity 4, Insulation 3
900 FFBA Half-body suit (4/1)

1250 Novatech Airware (R3/S3)
1000 +Iris Orb OS (F3/S3)
1000 +Simrig
250 +AR Gloves
50 +Subvocal Microphone
600 +Pro User Suite: (A4/B4/C2/E4)

150 Contact Lenses (R3)
25 +Image Link
50 +Flare Compensation
100 +Low Light Vision

20 Earbuds (R2)
200 +Audio Enhancement 2

500 Nanopaste Disguise (Small)

10,000 Y total (2BP)
You could skimp on the commlink if you have a better one as your main for hidden mode, regardless if that commlink was on you or not while "off duty".
Each piece of armor or clothing can only accept a total number
of modification rating points equal to 6 or the highest number
of its armor ratings (Ballistic or Impact) x 1.5 (round up), whichever
is higher.

Is the Nonconductivity armor mod on the FFBA?
J. Packer
Good catch. I don't know if it matters, does it? I mean, I can put six on one and seven on the other, and still get the benefits if I'm reading it correctly.
Yeah, I'm 99% sure that the protection layers stack. So you can put it on the FFBA and you'll be good to go.
I'd consider adding a clean, legit car or other vehicle to go with your off-duty setup. At least a bike of some sort.

The benefit of a car is that you're relatively safe from casual eavesdropping once your inside it.(because its enclosed) I think the absolute cheapest car you can get is the Jackrabbit. Sadly, even the Horseman's more expensive

Also, forgot your skinlinks.
True, I'm pretty sure it stacks as well, just a slight case of OCD.
You need AN ID though, otherwise you are driving without a license. Or breathing without a license. Or being need a cop without a license.
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