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Full Version: Contact the contacts about getting some contacts!
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I'm currently building a poacher for SR4, but am running into a brick wall when it comes to coming up with a contact list.

What sorts of contacts would a poacher have in the SR world?
Well, my first question is, what sort of poaching are you doing? mundane, or awakened creatures?
Well, my first question is, what sort of poaching are you doing? mundane, or awakened creatures?
Either way you need a Fixer or a Black Market Dealer.
I'm picturing him as being a "dangerous prey" hunter. Takes on anything he can face down. Heavily cybered to face things that kill normal hunters. Awakened critters are on the list, assuming he can find a way to counter whatever powers they may have.
Travel Agent or "Travel Agent" (Smuggler) would be good, depending on how legal your hunts are. (A good way to RP this is have your character from Quebec, and return there when the heat is on, living off the bounties.).

Talismonger would be a good suggestion, as they would find a use for quite a bit of the materials collected (Especially if you bow hunt or some such), and would be a good contact to find out about, and get countermeasures for, Awakened Critters.

African Native Guide if you're going for the traditional "Great Whitey Hunter"-type. Just "Native Guide" for the areas he hunts consistently, but doesn't live near. Always good to have a local you can trust, especially one that knows the bush and how to hide in it. (Remember Shadow-Kids, Cops don't like the Not-City! Stay in the Not-City and don't get caught!).

Group Contact: Hunting Lodge is also a good thing if you're going for a semi-cultured Face (Or Faux-Cultured.). Friends in high places are always good!
also add, if you're not doing the work yourself, skinner/tanner/butcher type contacts, if you're not letting the animal just rot in the wild. Also a taxidermist for your trophies
Unless you want to get caught would be good if you had a contact on the inside of the local law enforcement. This is acute knowledge of law and ranger anti poaching tactics/procedures.

Lawyer would help so when you get caught you get back out rather quick.
Fixer is must.
Now since most fixers a kinda high traffic person you may want to have a more specialised fence just for your exotic trophies since a good restricted fine 'art' fence would have your anonymity as his number 1 concern as well as the anonymity of his buyers.

If you have a good journalist contact you can counterspin a story that may feature you if you ever got caught or lay down some bad PR on the police about your treatment while in custody.

Sorry to be pessimistic about your venture here but I assume most poachers end up dancing with the police at one time or another in their 'career' smile.gif
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