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Full Version: JIS Circa 2072
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Johnny B. Good
So I've had a major idea knocking around in my head for a few months. Thanks to various life decisions I've found myself living in Tokyo, and I think I'd like to write up a homebrew setting book focusing on Corp-Emperor politics, gangs of the Neo-Tokyo area, dangers of the surrounding wilderness and bleeding edge chibatech. I've never done a project of this scale before and I'm going to need some proper organizational tools. Does anybody have any project management software they'd recommended for something of this nature? I think I'm going to need something to supplement my hodgepodge'd organizational system of piles of notebooks and folders within folders within folders just sitting on my desktop.

Many thanks, Dumpshock.
Had a look at corporate enclaves?
Johnny B. Good
Yup, and it's not nearly comprehensive enough for me. This is just something I'd like to do, because I can.
ah, ok. Have fun smile.gif
Microsoft One Note (2007/2010) has some basic project features and is pretty simple to use. For anything more complex you'll need MS Project or similar. O'Reilly has some pretty good books on project management and you can get the software pretty cheap (student price or TechNet). If you are in the military hit your IT department and ask about the Employee Purchase Program.
You don't really need a project management tool, you need a document or knowledge management system. Personally, I'd use a wiki for what you want to do.
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