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Full Version: VTOL Jet apparently used in Caprica Looks SR to me
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this isa nice model that could be used to represent an advanced corp jump jet
Is there a publicly available 3d model of this?
Well....since it's featured in the series Caprica....I can only assume someone will make a version of it
Here's the closest real life example.

Bell/Agusta BA609
a privatized osprey using jet engines rather then rotors.
Well, there's a jet like that in Deus Ex 3 too.
There's a lot of "future plane" designs that look vaguely that shape.

I suspect many were patterned at least subconciously after the Terminator Hunter-Killer drones or the Aliens dropship.

Thanks for the hunter-killer reminder smile.gif
Fed-Boeing made a civilian model Osprey back in one of the SR2 books. I just can't lay my hands on a picture of one, the stats are also listed in Rigger 3.
That jet would have looked a LOT sweeter than the Raptor. Also larger cargo capacity and the possibility of a gunship version where the weapon stores are internal. Also with a Jump Engine... sweet ride. smile.gif
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