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Full Version: Give me your weird, your wild, your craziest idea
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I've got a friend coming over tomorrow night and him and my fiance are both interested in playing some Shadowrun. And I'm excited!

Buuuut, it's kind of short notice. And neither of them have really ever played Shadowrun.

They've both seen Cowboy Bebop, and that's the kind of vibe that I'm going to shoot for: episodic, compartmentalized stand-alone games that might lead into other things or delve into the character's pasts. I've got some ideas, but I'm turning to the collective knowledge of Dumpshock to provide some more.

Travel is fine. In fact, I think I want the first night to be in Denver. Maybe that's where they'll get their ship.

No matter what the idea, I'm willing to listen to it and use it.

So go on - give me your best!
QUOTE (ravensmuse @ Jan 5 2011, 10:36 AM) *
Maybe that's where they'll get their ship.
Um... ship?
I think you've already got your first game.
The couple are hired to track down a tempo dealer in Tiajuana. They must use a shaman to track him down, but first run afoul his seductive lady friend. They catch up with him at a sale, and must fight off both the drug syndicate he stole the tempo from and the cops to collect their money.

Sans that, how about trying to track down a genetically engineered dog? Casino heist? French cyber zombie?
Just stay away from anything Feng Shui and you'll be fine.
*Whistles innocently*

Well you DID say "weird," "wild," and "crazy"!
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