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Full Version: Ruthenium plates for cyberarms
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So I've done some basic searches, and other than full on Ruthenium coating for an entire set of armor, I can't find much on the stuff. What I'm looking at doing is creating a snap-on plate for the shoulder of my cyberarms that has a ruthenium coating that can be controlled via my pan. So if I need to be Lone Star, I'm LS. Knight Errant? Easy done. Whatever. I've had my GM allow me to have custom molded plates as it is with the appropriate logos, but sometimes, carrying spare plates is just not viable. So I'm looking into having a single plate with ruthenium coating for shifting to whatever.

Is that supported anywhere in RAW or am I looking at just begging the GM for it?
Aren't you wearing armor over your arms anyway? smile.gif
Never. Vests at all times.

EDIT: The reason being is I have cyberholsters in each arm to conceal my pistol on the left and 5 spare magazines (clips) in the right.
Not because of Francis? frown.gif
I can't think of anything RAW-wise, but I don't see an issue with it. It would be fun to pull such a stunt on Joe-Schmoe, but in the world of RFIDs and such I would imagine LS and KE would have more identifying measures amongst themselves if that sort of thing is your angle here.
It's "Supporting evidence" for our face, more than anything. And Average Joe isn't gonna ask the Troll with Cyberarms questions when he says he's with LS. Even low level security guards might buy it as a rule. Anything more and we'll need fake credentials and everything, which is always covered by our hacker. I just prefer going the extra mile. smile.gif
You can get it on almost everything else. Maybe use the weapon mod rules as a guideline?
QUOTE (Jhaiisiin @ Jan 6 2011, 11:23 AM) *
What I'm looking at doing is creating a snap-on plate for the shoulder of my cyberarms that has a ruthenium coating that can be controlled via my pan. So if I need to be Lone Star, I'm LS. Knight Errant?

Just apply this upgrade:
QUOTE (Ar48)
Second Skin Line
The bodysuits are also available with a transparent ruthenium polymer coating to change the opaque parts of the suit instantly via the user's PAN or to allow it to display signs and slogans (+1000Y).
as a:
QUOTE (Au33)
Cyberlimb Casemod
Other cyberlimb casing modifications include mirror surfaces, built-in lighting, UV-reactive surfaces, fishtanks
Yeah, this is a common question. OP didn't ask, but a slightly more difficult one is, 'what about chameleon arms?'. Making something a *display* is different from making it a camera-embedded stealth display. The ruthenium armor mod is 7500, no capacity. Presumably, you could just use those rules directly for an (each?) arm. For the sake completeness: you'd need to do exactly that in order to gain chameleon bonuses without covering your arms (just as using a non-chameleon weapon ruins the effect).
While technically possible, this is unlikely to fly, because you won't have the proper attire to go with your supposed corporate affiliation. Wearing non-regulation clothing is AFAIK a big no-no for uniformed cops.

Waht would you think if being stopped by a cop wearing a tank-top rather than uniform vest ? Or go-go boots...
That's what the Fashion spell is for. Or just knocking a few beat cops out who happen to have your dress size.
What I'd find more puzzling is why a corp would buy their wageslaves cyberarms they can remove the corp logo off of at will. With drastically increased cost too.
Unless they're one of the few undercover agents.
There is nothing saying that the Dermal Sheath does not work with Cyberlimbs.(At least not under SR4)
And the Dermal Sheath comes with the Ruthenium right?
All fair points. Character is former Lonestar, but has had to play the part again in numerous occasions. I'm basically looking towards not having to have removable plates. Too many things that go wrong when someone opens the wrong bag of mine, ya know?

Really, I'm not sure why I'm worried, either way. This character's main weapon is a modified MMG called Bubba. (Bubba II is in the mail as we speak. Heavily modified HMG for dealing with the big threats). If I get stopped with that, I'm in a far bigger world of hurt than a couple of vanity plates for my arms.
Ask your GM if he would allow nanotats as replacement? Were those real arms, you'd show logos with just that - why not with cyberarms? May just be a different model for synthskin fitting over them.
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