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Full Version: Hack a Node
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I apologize if this has been asked before, but could not find answers.

SR4A Page 235:

"In order to hack a node, you must either be within mutual Signal range of the target node's device or have an open subscription with the node through the Matrix."


SR4A Page 224:

"Subscribing to a node is a Complex Action (Log On, p. 231)."


SR4A Page 231:


You open a subscription to a node, and your icon appears there. This requires no test, but does require either the proper authentification to an account (such as a passcode) or a hacked account."

So how do I hack into a node across the country?? I am not in mutual signal range, and I need a subscription before I can hack into it, but need to hack into it before I can establish an account to log on! Can I log on with a Public Account (not considered a subscription) and then try and hack a user/security/admin account? That however invalidates the statement from page 235.

Please help
Keep reading onward to p. 225, about public access to nodes. When you don't have authentication, you get a public account, which lets you get your foot in the door, as it were.

Hope that helps.
Honestly, it's a glitch, or maybe just poorly worded. You can hack nodes that have no Public accounts (some have none), and there's no real difference between 'mutual signal range' (direct) and 'over the Matrix' (indirect). Just go through the normal hacking options (Hack on the Fly, or Probing the Target). Hacking on the Fly specifically mentions that it sort of 'includes' a Log On action, and the description implies that connecting to a node that won't let you in is the whole point. Probing the Target, on the other hand, could be interpreted to mean that you never actually Log On until you choose to. It's all a little wonky, but the easiest thing is to decouple 'subscribed' from 'logged on', using the notional public area. IMO. smile.gif

The rules are not written with the intent of being impossible, so if something seems broken, it probably is. smile.gif This is not to say you can't play the game differently, *requiring* Spoofed accounts for more secure nodes, etc. It's just that everything is much simpler if you don't do that, instead assuming that everything has a Public area of some kind.

Oh, and for the record, a Public account is *still* a subscription. Any Persona connection is, really; that's your 'silver cord' connecting you to your icon.
As far as i understand it, you can hack stuff through the matrix in general, without mutual signal range.

At least in the games i've been in, there's adifference between hacking over the web/internet, eavesdropping and hacking on other customers within radio range at a wireless cafe, and having direct physical access to a server to try to compromise it.

also, its worth noting that, per 4A 234, Hacking On The Fly logs you on as part of the hacking attempt, no further action spent. Probing just gives you an account for you to log on later with.

Additionally, see unwired for details on account creation. A trick in that book that people use is to backdoor a system, hack(as in, the system opposes the test with system+firewall+/- a possible security grade modifier), and then log in with a legitimate account.
You only need to be in Mutual Signal Range if the target is in Hidden mode, or otherwise not connected to the Matrix at large. If it's in passive or active mode (which most things of interest are), you can go at it from the Matrix. Most companies want their employees/maintenance staff to be able to remotely log on, after all.

To start attacking something over the Matrix, you only need it's "IP Address", or it's Access ID, which might require a data search test. If it's something well-known, like a corporate's main nexus, then it's probably easy to find. If it's some backwater coffee shop nexus, it's harder to find.
QUOTE (Eratosthenes @ Jan 10 2011, 11:56 AM) *
You only need to be in Mutual Signal Range if the target is in Hidden mode

Where does it say this, by the way?
" or otherwise not connected to the Matrix at large." Full quotes are important. He could have phrased it slightly better, but the point is that MSR is for direct wireless connections; that is, you don't need it if you're connecting any other way (wire, Matrix, whatever).
Yea, my apologies. It was a misconception I once had, but on further thinking about it, realized I was mistaken.

If the target node is hidden, you'll need to know it's address/Access ID through some other means (data search, legwork, etc.), as you'd need to be in mutual signal range to scan for it. But otherwise you should be able to hack it via the matrix, assuming it is connected to the matrix.
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