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Full Version: NPC's and Karma
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A few members of my regular group and I were wondering if NPC's have karma.
It came up in a talk about karma drain and blood spirits and whether or not they could drain karma from NPC's
We noted that Karma is not a field in the normal statblock but also recognized that they probably should have some karma from just life.

So is there any info about this out there?

edit: trying to tab a paragraph lead to this double posting could someone please delete the duplicate.
In previous editions NPCs had karma in a sense, but only to support the Karma Pool mechanic. Since the introduction of the Edge attribute in SR4 replaced the karma pool there isn't really any reason for NPCs to have karma. As far as things like karma drain and blood spirits go, you could just hand wave it or do whatever will advance the story.

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This is the duplicate thread, if you want to delete or lock it, Method? Here's the other:
Ah. Good to know. Locking.
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