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Full Version: Soul Food?
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So I hit upon this idea of an astral club. That is, people going to the club would astral project, travel to the club, and party hardy for a while. Instead of just an awakened club on the physical plane this would keep out all the "dead heads" or what have you.

So my question is: Is there precedent for anything remotely like food/drink/drugs on the astral? If not, why couldn't there be? The closest I can figure would be spirits with some sort of euphoria like ability doing an area wide projection on the crowd.

On other notes, how would one get music on the astral? I guess vocals isn't too much an issue, but I sort of dig the idea of an astral band, maybe there is a band on the physical using dual natured instruments? The music would then hit the astral as well. I remember reading that awakened love looking at a musician with astral senses since you could see their aura's fluctuate along with the emotions brought along by the song.

Another idea in the same vein, I was thinking of a nice hook for a run involving a musician who foolishly used a camera with Quicksilver Mana Sensitive Film (Arsenal, Page 67) to take a picture of his aura while performing in an add campaign. This might let his enemies assense his aura and use it against him. It might make a nice "splash" in the media (that being a bloody and gory splash) that the players might be hired to investigate.
Musician for Hire
Are you looking for ways that an astral club could generate enough income to keep their doors open?

Check out the Cocoon club on p.105 of Seattle 2072 as one idea. With possible fears of having your body picked up by some of the darker spirits out there, clubbers may pay for an area where they can project safely for an extended period of time.

In addition, sales of drugs that influence your astral experience (deepweed, bliss, psyche, zen, even tempe) are sold at Cocoon.
It'd be interesting to see if any dual-natured food or drinks have been developed.

QUOTE (KarmaInferno @ Jan 9 2011, 06:55 PM) *
It'd be interesting to see if any dual-natured food or drinks have been developed.

Quite possibly, the food would have to be "eaten" while still alive. As nothing non-living has an actual astral presence (except foci, but I don't think a necklace/blade/trinket is edible/tasteful enough...
Astrally active yeast or something, maybe?

"Try THESE brownies!"

Squiddy Attack
"Special brownies" takes on a whole new meaning...
That wouldn't actually be too hard, food is chocked full of bacteria and such like unless its cooked until dead. Fruits and veggies could very well be dual natured.
The Shuhite
I realize this would be killer expensive in money and karma, but could you make food foci?
Mana illusions.
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