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Full Version: Looking for older topics
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I'm looking for topics in the older "Runs and Run Ideas" forum. Is it still possible to check them out?
Kanada Ten
The forum's bottom has a pull down menu which controls how old threads are before being no longer displayed.

It is set by default to "in the last 30 days."

If you change it to "from the Beginning," you will then see all thread topics (managed by pages per usual).

Why it is that way, I don't know.
I think it's that way because forum developers feel that by limiting the search to recent topics you're more likely to find something useful. At least, that's why I assume those defaults are in there. Most forum software handles it the same way as far I can recall.
Kanada Ten
For the search I understand, and all the search options are on the visible screen.

But for Forum Pages (such as Welcome to the Shadows and Shadowrun, ect) each one has the option to display topics in acceding or descending order, from such and such days, ect. These options are at the page bottom and do not deal out cookies, meaning they are reset every time. They also override the "number of topics per page" option. I don't think having Welcome to the Shadow topics defaulted to showing only the last 30 days makes much sense, but it takes little effort to change once you know how, even if one must do it every time.
You know, I've never noticed that before...interesting... It seems like a bug/missing feature that it doesn't save the settings in a cookie though.
Yeah, that I knew already. I guess I should have made myself clearer. I want to dig up some really old threads. Specifically in the other version of dumpshock just before this one (around 2002-2003).

Maybe the admins could help me on this one.

Thank you anyways
Jason Farlander
The Old Forums

(that help?)
Perfect! Thank you Jason.
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