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Full Version: Shadowrun Example Mission
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Okay, my search fu has failed me once more. I think I need to upgrade my skill wires. grinbig.gif So I call upon the unstoppable force of dumpshock. At some point in the past I stumbled upon a free PDF for a SR4 mission that started with the PCs browsing a stuffer shack, down on their luck and spending the last of their nuyen on something to eat before an explosion went off. I don't know where this PDF went, and if anyone has a link, I'd give them all the Stuffer Shack brand Nutrisoy Brownie Bars they could ever want.
It's in the quick star rules if I recall correctly.
Are you talking about this?

Also, I'm much more a NERPS fan.
Alternate Link

J. Packer
Ah, Food Fight. They've had that around since SR1, if I recall correctly...
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